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Wait a minute! What is this Road Closed sign doing here?

Bongo and a Road Closed sign

This is really bad.

It’s not even a road.

That’s the entrance to my trails!

Bongo and Road Closed sign a trailhead

Oh, this must be why they closed it.

They didn’t want my person to make me wait while she took flower pictures.

Desert Flowers

But she did it anyway.


Well, I guess it’s a good thing dogs are still allowed on the Road Closed.

Because I found out why it’s closed.

Bongo in his puddle

My puddle’s back!

It’s been missing for a very long time.

Those Road Closed people must have not wanted anyone else to find it.

Bongo in the puddle

I wonder if the water tastes as good as last time it was here.



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Earth Day at the Computer

Bongo's faceWhat an excuse!

My person has been sitting at the computer all day.

I mean it. All day!

And she says she doesn’t have time to type up my blog post.

So you know what she’s doing?

She says it’s Earth Day today so she’s making me post pictures of flowers on my trails.

Those flowers that she’s always making me sit around for while she takes pictures of them.

I’m surprised we have any flowers since we’ve hardly had any rain in months.

Maybe I should stop watering them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Happy Earth Day everybody!


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Yard Contraband

Bongo with a flower in front of his faceSomebody must be out to get me.

Here’s what happened.

A long time ago – way before I came to live here, my person planted some bulbs in the yard.

She says flowers used to come up from them every year.

I’m not sure if I believe her.

All I’ve ever seen come up in this spot are long green things.

But today, when we came back from our walk on my trails I spotted them.

Right in my yard!

This is terrible!

I don’t know who made them grow like this, but my person will probably want to come out here and take pictures of them – and leave me in the house.

What to do? What to do?

Bongo's nose sniffing a flower

They don’t smell good enough to eat.

But I’ve got to do something with them before my person discovers they’re here.

Oh well, here goes!

Bongo with the leaves but no flower showing

Whew! Problem solved.

Now on to my next snack adventure.


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What to do with Flowers

White FlowerI don’t believe it!

My person made me go on a different path today because she saw some flowers on it.

We don’t need any extra flowers.

It’s bad enough stopping for flowers on my regular trails.

Now I’ve got to stop while she takes pictures of strange trail flowers.

Alien flowers.

That’s what they are.

Popping up in unusual places and forcing my person to take pictures of them.


I’m going to have to do something about this.

Bongo and a white flower

I’ll get you my pretties!

Yeah, you’re about the right size for my feet.

Bongo almost stepping on the flower

This flower was made to be trampled.

And don’t you even think about popping up out of the ground again.


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Trail Block

Manzanita bush bloomingThere she goes again.

Taking pictures of flowers.

I’m in trouble from now till the end of summer.

There’s much better things to do than make your dog sit around and wait just so you can take flower pictures.





Manzanita blossoms

Didn’t you hear me?

I said there’s much better things.

Like maybe you should take notice of what’s going on around you.

Bongo near a line of rocks across the trail

Like this, for instance.

Just look at this!

Some do gooder is trying to block up my trails again.

They seem to do that all the time.

If there’s two ways to get somewhere they decide you only need one way and they block one off.

It doesn’t matter that everybody’s had those two options for years.

Don’t they know that variety is the spice of life?

Bongo looking like he wants something done about the rocks across the trail

Hey person, aren’t you going to do something about this?

Because this do gooder only blocked off one of the entrances to this trail.

So if I enter the trail on the unblocked side – I’ll eventually come around to this blocked part.

And if I’m an obedient dog that obeys all the trail blockings I won’t be able to cross over so I can continue on down the trail.

Then what do I do?

Hey person, if you take a picture of those flowers you’re going to have to cross over this blockade.


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Early Spring

Purple flowerI think I’m in trouble now.

This is January, right?

Isn’t January the middle of winter?

Well, it kind of doesn’t seem like that here – but the flowers should pay attention.

They’re not supposed to show up for months.

But my person found one today.

The first flower of spring – but it’s still winter.

Which means it’s already started.


Those drudgingly long waits while my person gets her camera out and takes picture after picture of flowers.

And it looks like it’s going to be a long season this year.

I don’t know why she does it.

I mean, aren’t these the same kinds of flowers that she took pictures of last year.

And the year before.

I just don’t get people sometimes.

They don’t make any sense.

Okay, I’m done with my rant until the next time my person gets her camera out.

Manzanita bush in bloom

Wait! What?

More flowers already?

I forgot about those Manzanita bushes.

They always start blooming really early.

And then when they stop blooming they have berries.

And my person takes pictures of those.

I think I’d better do something about this.

Maybe I should eat them like I did to those curly weeds the other day.

Bongo behind manzanita bushes

Oh. Ummm.

This is going to be tricky.

There are a lot of Manzanita bushes on my trails.

Does anybody want to come help?

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A Sad Story

Bongo sniffing something on the trailHmmm.

Something’s here that doesn’t belong on my trails.

At least not this time of year.

It smells funny too. Not your usual trail scent.

And it’s colorful.






What's hiding in Bongo's shadow?

There’s not usually much color on my trails this time of year except for the red rocks and the blue skies.

I wonder how this strange stuff got here.

Colors are usually cheery, but this stuff seems to have a sad story behind it.

Maybe a cute girl was sniffing the funny smell and the wind came up and blew these things out of her hands.

Or maybe a boy was bringing these to a cute girl, but she’d gone too far on my trails and he couldn’t find her.

Or maybe these were meant to remember someone.

Oh wait – this is Sedona after all. Someone was probably using these to put an enchantment on my trails.

It’s a good thing I found them then.

Discarded flowers on the ground

No enchantments for my trails.

Unless it’s to enchant all the cute girls to come and give me loves.


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Waiting for the Camera

Two purple daisiesFinally!

My person let me go for a walk with her and her new camera.

Maybe it was because I helped her with her homework by jumping for all those pictures at the dog park.

Anyway, playing second fiddle to a camera is no fun. Now I’ve just got to figure out how to make that camera play second fiddle to me.

It’s okay to go on walks with that camera, but it’s much more fun without it.

I have to wait around while my person fiddles with the knobs and dials on that camera – and then finally takes a picture.

Purple flowers

And it’s never a picture of me.

Insect galls on scrub oak

What’s with all these strange things anyway?

They don’t even smell good.

And what makes it even worse is you can’t smell anything in a picture.

I’ll never figure out what people see in these pictures.

Guess I’ll just hang out here and wait.

My person will get tired of that non-smelly camera one of these days.

Bongo hanging out on the trail


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Yellow Everywhere

Bongo sniffing a bush with little yellow flowersMy trails don’t have any trees that turn color in the fall, but it seems like things are turning yellow anyway.

Maybe I’m colorblind, I know dogs aren’t supposed to see color very well, but something’s different.

I walked and I walked, and it seemed like everywhere I looked I saw yellow.






Bushes with little yellow flowers

There’s so much of it that it seems like all the bushes are turning yellow.

I sure hope it’s not catching.

I would look funny if I turned into a yellow dog – at least that shade of yellow anyway.

I couldn’t get rid of that yellow stuff. It was all over the place.

And then I thought, maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me.

Or maybe I’m just imagining things.

So I checked it out closer.

Bongo sniffing yellow flowers

Yup, it even smells yellow.

I’d had enough of this yellow, so I decided to head back home.

I can relax. There’s no yellow there.

Then I headed out to my backyard.

I’m really in trouble now.

Yellow flower with a bee on it

Even my yard is turning yellow!


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What’s in my Wash?

Bongo next to a dry washWhenever we go out on my trails my person has her camera aimed and ready and she’s always looking for unusual things to take pictures of.

I wish she’d just enjoy the walk – I mean, nobody cares if there are pictures on my blog.

Unless they are pictures of me, of course.

But my person can take pictures of me when we’re at home. She doesn’t need to take her camera on my trails.

But this time my person really found something unusual to take a picture of.

It’s so unusual that I might have to run back home and get my Detective Dog hat to investigate what it might be.

This thing showed up at a spot where flowers often grow in the dry wash on my trails.

Oh yeah, for those of you who were wondering about the dry wash I couldn’t find recently – it showed up again. Funny how those things happen.

At first I thought this strange thing was another flower growing where the other flowers had been.

Morning glory beginning to open

But then when I looked at it closer I realized it wasn’t a flower at all.

I think it’s some kind of toy.

flower shaped like a pinwheel

It’s a pinwheel!


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