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Big Mistake

Bongo on the trailBoy did I make a big mistake today.

A really big one.

Here’s what happened.

I took my person for a walk and we got to the place where we usually turn around and head back.

It was a really nice day and I wasn’t ready to head back yet.

So I kept on going.

Up the dry wash.

Usually my person won’t let me go further, but today she did.

And that was the biggest mistake of all.


Because you know what my person did then?

Prickly pear cactus surrounded by little yellow flowers

She found flowers.

Red Penstemon

And not just a few flowers.

Purple daisy

She found red ones, and purple ones, and yellow ones.

Bongo sniffing something behind the flowers

Can we go now, person?

This is getting really boring.

Yellow flower


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Look Over There

Bongo looking away from a bunch of wildflowersHey person, look over there.

No, no person.








You’re looking in the totally wrong direction.

Bongo with a bunch of yellow wildflowers

Don’t look over here.

It’s over there I want you to look.


I knew it!

Yellow flowers

I just can’t keep my person and her camera away from flowers.

Yellow flower

Does anybody want a well used camera?

I’m giving one away.

As soon as I can wrestle it away from my person.


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Happy Spring!

Yellow flowersSome flowers popped out on my trails today.

I tried to walk by them really fast and hope my person wouldn’t notice – but she did.

And of course she had to stop and take pictures.

She looks for any excuse to get out her camera.

So while I hung around waiting for my person to finish taking pictures I realized something.

Today is the first day of spring.

So these flowers came out to celebrate.

And tomorrow won’t be a special day anymore.

So maybe the rest of the flowers on my trails will realize they missed their chance and they won’t show up this year.

I mean, what’s a flower if it misses the first day of spring?

And if I keep my person occupied enough with walking, she won’t stop and take pictures of anything else either.

Come on, person. We’ve got places to go – trails to explore.

A trail is no place for a camera, and tomorrow I’m sure there won’t be any flowers showing up.

So happy first day of Spring!

The only day with flowers to take pictures of.


What, person?

What do you mean, these are the first of bunches of flowers on my trails?

You’re going to make me wait while you take pictures of them all spring and summer?

That’s terrible!

What am I going to do?

Bongo profile on the trail

I think I’m going to have to find some new trails for awhile.


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Yellow Everywhere

Bongo sniffing a bush with little yellow flowersMy trails don’t have any trees that turn color in the fall, but it seems like things are turning yellow anyway.

Maybe I’m colorblind, I know dogs aren’t supposed to see color very well, but something’s different.

I walked and I walked, and it seemed like everywhere I looked I saw yellow.






Bushes with little yellow flowers

There’s so much of it that it seems like all the bushes are turning yellow.

I sure hope it’s not catching.

I would look funny if I turned into a yellow dog – at least that shade of yellow anyway.

I couldn’t get rid of that yellow stuff. It was all over the place.

And then I thought, maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me.

Or maybe I’m just imagining things.

So I checked it out closer.

Bongo sniffing yellow flowers

Yup, it even smells yellow.

I’d had enough of this yellow, so I decided to head back home.

I can relax. There’s no yellow there.

Then I headed out to my backyard.

I’m really in trouble now.

Yellow flower with a bee on it

Even my yard is turning yellow!


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Useless Yellow Flowers

Bongo sniffing yellow flowersI don’t know what’s so special about these flowers. They don’t even smell good. No one’s left any messages here.







Check this out.

Bongo getting into weeds near yellow flowers

See these weeds here? These dried up weeds? They’re much more appetizing that any old yellow flowers.

Why don’t you take some pictures of these, person? I could hang them on the wall near my bed and look at them when I’m not on my trails.

I can’t believe it! There she goes right back to those flowers. No matter how much I tell her what’s important, she still doesn’t get it.

I think I’m about to give up on people. They like all the strangest things, and they don’t seem to care about any of the good things in life.

Person, if you can’t take pictures of any of the right stuff just put your camera away.

Yellow Flowers

See, she did it anyway. Total disrespect. She just won’t listen to me.

Now put your camera away, person.

You found a what?

Wait a minute. What? What?

Someone’s trying to take over my yellow flowers?

Butterfly on yellow flowers

How dare that butterfly hang around here?

You did send that butterfly away, didn’t you person?

Those yellow flowers are mine.


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Little Yellow Flowers

Bongo Looking Down the TrailThis time of year everything seems to turn yellow. Well, I don’t mean everything. I don’t turn yellow, and neither does my person. And the rocks around here don’t turn yellow. But there are bushes everywhere with little yellow flowers on them.

There’s so many that I have to sort through them just to get to the good weeds.




Bongo Eating Weeds

And I have to sit around while my person takes out her camera to take pictures of them.

Yellow Flowers

Yellow Flowers

Yellow Flowers

I thought this time of year was going to be so good. No more thunder and no more heat. Who would have thought that little yellow flowers would be my downfall? I think I’ll bury my person’s camera under a log.

Yellow Flowers and Logs

Yellow Flowers and Logs


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