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They’re Gone!

Bongo checking out the missing puddleThis is terrible! Just terrible!

Remember how I found tadpoles in my puddle yesterday?

Well, today I went to visit them and someone had taken my puddle and the tadpoles.

Who would steal a puddle and a bunch of tadpoles?

I can’t imagine anyone doing such a thing.

But somebody did.


I’m going to have to get my Detective Dog hat on and investigate this.

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

Let’s see.

First clue.

That sun is trying to hide.

Sun setting behind rocks

I wonder if it’s sneaking off with my puddle and those tadpoles.

I’ll know by morning.

If the sun doesn’t show up then I’ll know it’s guilty.


Or maybe it’s this butterfly.

Yellow butterfly

Alright butterfly, fess up!

I know you did it.

You probably took off with those tadpoles one at a time and hid them somewhere.

Wherever that puddle went to. That’s where you hid them.

Oh, wait a minute.

That butterfly must have had an accomplice.

It may have been able to hide those tadpoles, but I don’t think it could move the puddle.

I’d better do some more searching.

Sniffing former tadpoles

This black stuff where my puddle used to be has an interesting smell.

It smells just like – just like…


Okay, now I’ve got something new to solve.

What do you do with a bunch of flat tadpoles?


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Popular Puddle

Bongo tied to a treeThere’s really been a flurry of activity around my puddle lately.

First the tadpoles, then the toadies, then those mysterious tracks that I told you about yesterday. You know, the evidence of those strange creatures that took off with my puddle.

So today when we got to my puddle it had come back. Well, at least part of it was back.

I was so excited!


And you know what my person did? She tied me up again.

What now? The tadpoles are gone, and most of the toadies have hopped away.

Yeah, I know there’s still a few toadies around. I won’t step on them. I promise.

But today there was someone else near my puddle.


Butterflies in the mud near a puddle

And not just any butterflies. We had come across the Arizona state butterfly – the Two-tailed Swallowtail.

And those butterflies seemed to be getting pretty cozy.

Mating butterflies

Something strange was happening.

I wanted to go home and get my Nature Dog hat so I could investigate – but being tied up put a cramp in my style.

My person says these butterflies are supposed to lay single eggs on plants, but one of these butterflies seemed to be laying bunches of eggs in a mud hole.

I guess the other butterfly thought it strange too.

Two butterflies

He started dancing around. Maybe he was nervous.

But I think that butterfly beat around the bush – I mean around my puddle – a little too long.

Three butterflies

Because the competition showed up.

And now that my puddle has a butterfly party going on in it, I’m just wondering one thing.

Am I ever going to get to play in my puddle again?


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Useless Yellow Flowers

Bongo sniffing yellow flowersI don’t know what’s so special about these flowers. They don’t even smell good. No one’s left any messages here.







Check this out.

Bongo getting into weeds near yellow flowers

See these weeds here? These dried up weeds? They’re much more appetizing that any old yellow flowers.

Why don’t you take some pictures of these, person? I could hang them on the wall near my bed and look at them when I’m not on my trails.

I can’t believe it! There she goes right back to those flowers. No matter how much I tell her what’s important, she still doesn’t get it.

I think I’m about to give up on people. They like all the strangest things, and they don’t seem to care about any of the good things in life.

Person, if you can’t take pictures of any of the right stuff just put your camera away.

Yellow Flowers

See, she did it anyway. Total disrespect. She just won’t listen to me.

Now put your camera away, person.

You found a what?

Wait a minute. What? What?

Someone’s trying to take over my yellow flowers?

Butterfly on yellow flowers

How dare that butterfly hang around here?

You did send that butterfly away, didn’t you person?

Those yellow flowers are mine.


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Puddle Invasion

Butterfly near a puddleMy puddle, that disappears to who knows where sometimes, has been hanging around lately. But now I have another problem.

Other creatures have been coming and thinking it’s their puddle.

I see lots of footprints and I know someone’s been around when I’m not there to stop it. And they think they can get away with it!

Sometimes birds try to use my puddle for a bathtub. That’s pretty nervy of them. They need to find their own bathtub.

But today, I caught a butterfly trying to take over my puddle. Just hanging out there, as if that puddle belonged to him.


What am I going to do? Before I know it there will be lots of butterflies – and birds- and sneaky night creatures.

If I’m not careful that puddle will get tired of everybody hanging around and it will disappear again.

This is not good. I’ve got to think of something.

Oh, I know what I’ll do.

Bongo's Keep Out sign in the puddle


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