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Butterflies and Birds

Bongo in his dog jail on his new bedWhat a terrible day!

My person put on her shoes and I thought she was going to take me somewhere.

But she put me in dog jail instead.

And she left.

She does that all the time but this was different.

I just knew she was going somewhere special.

And she didn’t take me.

Her camera got to go though.

Somehow I think that camera is more important than I am.


So if you want to see what her camera was up to you can look down below.

But don’t tell my person that my younger person came home early and let me out of dog jail.

And don’t tell her that I got to go for a walk with Toby.

Bongo and Toby on a walk

I said don’t tell.


Do you believe my person wanted to take pictures of butterflies when she could have taken pictures of me?

Multi-colored butterfly with blue and purple

Butterfly with coral, black, and white

Black, orange and white butterfly and red flower

Orange butterfly

White butterfly

She even found an angel butterfly.

Butterfly with an angel shape due to motion

I’m the perfect angel. Where are the pictures of me?

But to make it even worse, she had to rub it in with some pesky birds.

Black bird in tree with orange blossoms

Black bird in tree with orange blossoms

I think I’ll go over to Toby’s house.


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Puddle Invasion

Butterfly near a puddleMy puddle, that disappears to who knows where sometimes, has been hanging around lately. But now I have another problem.

Other creatures have been coming and thinking it’s their puddle.

I see lots of footprints and I know someone’s been around when I’m not there to stop it. And they think they can get away with it!

Sometimes birds try to use my puddle for a bathtub. That’s pretty nervy of them. They need to find their own bathtub.

But today, I caught a butterfly trying to take over my puddle. Just hanging out there, as if that puddle belonged to him.


What am I going to do? Before I know it there will be lots of butterflies – and birds- and sneaky night creatures.

If I’m not careful that puddle will get tired of everybody hanging around and it will disappear again.

This is not good. I’ve got to think of something.

Oh, I know what I’ll do.

Bongo's Keep Out sign in the puddle


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