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Butterflies and Birds

Bongo in his dog jail on his new bedWhat a terrible day!

My person put on her shoes and I thought she was going to take me somewhere.

But she put me in dog jail instead.

And she left.

She does that all the time but this was different.

I just knew she was going somewhere special.

And she didn’t take me.

Her camera got to go though.

Somehow I think that camera is more important than I am.


So if you want to see what her camera was up to you can look down below.

But don’t tell my person that my younger person came home early and let me out of dog jail.

And don’t tell her that I got to go for a walk with Toby.

Bongo and Toby on a walk

I said don’t tell.


Do you believe my person wanted to take pictures of butterflies when she could have taken pictures of me?

Multi-colored butterfly with blue and purple

Butterfly with coral, black, and white

Black, orange and white butterfly and red flower

Orange butterfly

White butterfly

She even found an angel butterfly.

Butterfly with an angel shape due to motion

I’m the perfect angel. Where are the pictures of me?

But to make it even worse, she had to rub it in with some pesky birds.

Black bird in tree with orange blossoms

Black bird in tree with orange blossoms

I think I’ll go over to Toby’s house.


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Thanks for the Cookies

Bongo watching a sack of Christmas cookies on the floorMy person says it’s polite to write thank you notes for the presents I get.

When it comes to cookies I’d rather eat them than write notes.

But my person says I’ve got to do it.

I could probably write the note with my slobber.

If I can’t get to these cookies soon I’m not going to have any left though.

My friend and neighbor dog Toby gave me these cookies for Christmas.

Oh yeah, I guess I kind of stretched the truth a little a couple days ago when I said I had a horrible Christmas, because I did get treats.

So here goes my thank you note:


Dear Toby,

Thank you so much for the Christmas cookies you gave me.

They’re really good.

I would have eaten all of them by now, but my person won’t let me.

My Christmas would have been really bad if I hadn’t gotten these treats from you, but any day with treats is always the best.

Oh, and Toby…

Bongo looking at Christmas cookies

I’m almost out of cookies.

Do you think you could bring me some more?


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Where are My Jingle Bells?

Bongo and Toby checking each other outI came across my buddy Toby on my trails today.

But there was something different about him.

Toby smelled the same.

But he sounded different.

I don’t get it.

Dogs might change their smell, but they don’t change their sound.


Toby on the trail

Toby, what’s going on?

Give it to me straight.

You what?

Toby with bells on

You’re wearing jingle bells?

Hey, wait a minute!

How come I don’t have jingle bells?

This is Christmas time. Shouldn’t all dogs be wearing jingle bells this time of year?

Bongo looking jealous of Toby's jingle bells

I’m so jealous Toby.

But wait a minute.

Don’t those jingle bells make it hard to do certain things?

You know, like sneaking up on that cat you live with.

Or stealing treats when no one is watching.

Toby, I’m not sure it’s such a good idea to be wearing those bells.

As a matter of fact…

Bongo looking proud and Toby looking kind of sad

I’m glad I’m not wearing jingle bells.

Just think of all the mischief you’re missing out on Toby.

What, person? What am I doing?

What do you mean, Toby was proud of his jingle bells and now I’m making him feel bad?

I should what!? Apologize?

That word’s not in my vocabulary.

I’m what!?

Oh, alright.

Bongo looking like he's apologizing to Toby

Sorry Toby.

Those really are cool jingle bells.

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Found Out

Bongo and TobyHey Toby, hide me. Here she comes.

It’s my person!

Oh, hi person. Fancy meeting you out here on my trails.

You weren’t supposed to know that I go for walks with Toby when you’re gone – I mean, this is the first time I’ve ever gone for a walk with Toby when you weren’t here.

What a coincidence that you would come out on my trails at the very same time I was out with Toby.

What do you mean, you were looking for me?

There’s no way you could know I was gone because you weren’t home.

Well anyway, you found me. Does this mean I get another walk?

You haven’t had your walk yet today person. I’d better take you. You need your exercise.

It doesn’t matter if it gets dark. I don’t need to see to know where I’m going.

Person, you should start checking out all the messages around here like I do. Then you could find your way no matter how dark it gets.

Hey Toby, wait! Just because my person showed up doesn’t mean you have to leave.

Toby leaving Bongo

Toby, come back! Come back!

Now look what you’ve done person.

Next time you come looking for me could you try to not find me so fast?


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Mystery Toys

Bongo with his new toysWhere did I get these new toys?

Come on person, you don’t need to know everything.

I should be allowed to have some secrets.

Okay, if you insist.

Since you left me for the day I took your credit card and went to the pet store and bought these.

What do you mean, you don’t believe me? It makes perfectly good sense to me.

I had to do something to teach you not to leave me alone all day.

Okay then, here’s what happened.

While you were gone I went out in the yard and started digging.

I found these toys buried in the ground.

What!? You still don’t believe me?

You want the truth?

If I tell you, you have to promise not to get mad.

And you have to take my new ball and play catch with me.

Here’s what really happened.

While you were gone my neighbor dog Toby came over and brought me these toys.

And that’s the truth.

You’ve got to play catch now.

Bongo running with his new ball in his mouth

This is great fun! I love this new ball.

You should have gotten me one of these a long time ago person.

Bongo with a blue ball in his mouth

I could play this game all day.

Bongo presenting the ball

Throw it for me again!

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Thunder in the Air

Bongo waiting at the doorHey person. You’re breaking all the rules.

You are not supposed to leave me alone here when there’s thunder in the air.

Well, I know there wasn’t when you left me – but there is now.

You’re not supposed to leave me alone when thunder might be in the air.

Take me with you next time – or don’t even leave the house.





Bongo and Toby on a walk

Toby and his person came over to go for a walk with me.

I tried to tell them I don’t do walks when there’s thunder in the air.

They wouldn’t listen.

Nobody listens to me.

So I pulled right out of my collar.

They brought me back home.

And left me all alone with thunder in the air.

At least you came home right when the boomers were getting loud.

How come your hair’s wet? It didn’t start raining until after you got home.

Did you go take a shower somewhere?

You have a shower right here. Why would you go somewhere else to take a shower?

Rain shower? What do you mean, rain shower?

It wasn’t raining until after you got home.

You mean there was rain and thunder somewhere else?

You mean it’s everywhere? There’s no way to escape it?

Well that settles it then.

No walks for you today.

Bongo sleeping under a blanket

I’m staying right here under my thunder blanket. Don’t even try to budge me.


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Hairless Toby

Bongo on the far side of TobyWe have a new dog in the neighborhood so I went to check him out when I was out on my walk today.

Hmmm. He smells really familiar.

But I’ve never seen a dog before that looks like him.





Bongo and Toby facing away

Some kind of hairless dog. I thought hairless dogs were little. This one seems so big.

Well, nice to meet you, hairless dog.

Bongo walking away from Toby

I’ll just be on my way now.

Person,what do you mean, we’re done with our walk?

Can’t we go around the block some more?

I know our house is right here.

Hey, wait a minute. That strange hairless dog went over to my neighbor Toby’s house.

I wonder if Toby got a new brother.

I don’t believe it!

Toby didn’t get a new brother.

That is Toby!

Toby with a summer shave

I hope Toby doesn’t get mad at me that I blogged about him without realizing it.

That must be really embarrassing to have no hair.

Toby, I won’t tell if you don’t.

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