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Hairless Toby

Bongo on the far side of TobyWe have a new dog in the neighborhood so I went to check him out when I was out on my walk today.

Hmmm. He smells really familiar.

But I’ve never seen a dog before that looks like him.





Bongo and Toby facing away

Some kind of hairless dog. I thought hairless dogs were little. This one seems so big.

Well, nice to meet you, hairless dog.

Bongo walking away from Toby

I’ll just be on my way now.

Person,what do you mean, we’re done with our walk?

Can’t we go around the block some more?

I know our house is right here.

Hey, wait a minute. That strange hairless dog went over to my neighbor Toby’s house.

I wonder if Toby got a new brother.

I don’t believe it!

Toby didn’t get a new brother.

That is Toby!

Toby with a summer shave

I hope Toby doesn’t get mad at me that I blogged about him without realizing it.

That must be really embarrassing to have no hair.

Toby, I won’t tell if you don’t.

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