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Toys not Treats

Bongo in front f the new refrigeratorWe got a new refrigerator at my house.

That really doesn’t mean much to me.

It fits in the same spot that the old one did.

My food still doesn’t go into the fridge so I don’t know why we have one at all.

What does matter to me is what was on top of the old fridge.

My person had to clean the top of it off before they took it away.

If she’d given me all those treats she keeps up there she would have had a lot less cleaning to do.

But what she did give me were the toys she stashed up there.

I don’t know why she doesn’t want to give me all the toys right away when she gets them.

She can always buy more when I chew them up.


So I might not have gotten extra treats out of this refrigerator switching, but at least I got some toys.

Bongo with his new toys

Well, except for that purple bunny.

You see, my person cleaned her room out too.

I can’t wait to see what happens when she cleans the rest of the house.

Bongo looking at a toy bunny on the floor

Come on, person. You gave it to me.

Now pick it up and toss it.


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Mystery Toys

Bongo with his new toysWhere did I get these new toys?

Come on person, you don’t need to know everything.

I should be allowed to have some secrets.

Okay, if you insist.

Since you left me for the day I took your credit card and went to the pet store and bought these.

What do you mean, you don’t believe me? It makes perfectly good sense to me.

I had to do something to teach you not to leave me alone all day.

Okay then, here’s what happened.

While you were gone I went out in the yard and started digging.

I found these toys buried in the ground.

What!? You still don’t believe me?

You want the truth?

If I tell you, you have to promise not to get mad.

And you have to take my new ball and play catch with me.

Here’s what really happened.

While you were gone my neighbor dog Toby came over and brought me these toys.

And that’s the truth.

You’ve got to play catch now.

Bongo running with his new ball in his mouth

This is great fun! I love this new ball.

You should have gotten me one of these a long time ago person.

Bongo with a blue ball in his mouth

I could play this game all day.

Bongo presenting the ball

Throw it for me again!

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Where are the Toys?

Bongo's Toys in the YardSince we’ve had snow in our yard and I’ve been stopping to eat it whenever I go outside I’ve been forgetting to do something. I can’t carry my Frisbee around and eat snow too, so I have to put my Frisbee down somewhere. Then I forget to bring it back in.

That doesn’t do me much good when it’s time to go out again. My person is supposed to grab the Frisbee so she can toss it for me. She keeps telling me it’s already out in the yard. She could go out there and get it, but she doesn’t.

I’ve got to have something with me when I go outside so I grab one of my squeaky toys. When I’m heading out the door my person tells me to drop it. She says it’s an indoor toy, and of course I’m very obedient so I drop my toy. My person didn’t tell me I couldn’t pick it up again.

I’ve just got one problem now. I haven’t been able to talk my person into getting me some more indoor toys.


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