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Where are the Toys?

Bongo's Toys in the YardSince we’ve had snow in our yard and I’ve been stopping to eat it whenever I go outside I’ve been forgetting to do something. I can’t carry my Frisbee around and eat snow too, so I have to put my Frisbee down somewhere. Then I forget to bring it back in.

That doesn’t do me much good when it’s time to go out again. My person is supposed to grab the Frisbee so she can toss it for me. She keeps telling me it’s already out in the yard. She could go out there and get it, but she doesn’t.

I’ve got to have something with me when I go outside so I grab one of my squeaky toys. When I’m heading out the door my person tells me to drop it. She says it’s an indoor toy, and of course I’m very obedient so I drop my toy. My person didn’t tell me I couldn’t pick it up again.

I’ve just got one problem now. I haven’t been able to talk my person into getting me some more indoor toys.


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Squeaky Snake

Bongo and SnakeSqueaky toys are my favorite. I love to bite down on them and listen to the noise they make. One of my best squeaky toys is a long snake. It has squeaks at both ends so I can squeak the head and I can squeak the tail. What’s even better is that it has replaceable squeakers – so it never runs out of squeak. I just have to remind my person to put new squeakers in it sometimes.

When I first got the snake I wasn’t sure what to do with it, so I took it outside. I like taking my toys outside. My person caught on to this so now she makes me drop my toys before she’ll open the door. Anyway, she hadn’t yet got smart about this when I got the snake and I was able to get it outside. I had a lot of fun with it out there.

I wouldn’t tell my person what I did with it, and since it was new she didn’t want me to lose it. She went out in the yard looking for it. She had to look real hard for it, but I guess I didn’t bury it deep enough. She found it by the tail that was still sticking out of the ground.


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