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The Best Way to End the Year

Bongo playing in the snow

Finally, my person is letting me post again.

I posed for so many pictures today that she didn’t know what else to do.

Anyway, this was the best way to end the year – and the only time all year I had snow to play in.

Bongo dragging a frisbee in the snow

One of my favorite things to do is drag a Frisbee through the snow.

Bongo looking for his frisbee in the snow

Now where did that Frisbee go?

Bongo in the snow with a frisbee in his mouth

Here it is!

I found it.

Gizmo peeking out the door

Hey Gizmo, come out here!

This is so much fun!

Bongo standing in the snow with a defiant look

Are you serious, Gizmo?

There is no way I’m coming back in the house.

Well, maybe – if I can go out the other door and head to my trails.

Bongo sniffing a snowman

Hey, who is this invading my front yard?

Looks like some kind of alien or something.

All I can say is, you’d better not be here when I get back –

 -or I’m turning you yellow.

Bongo sniffing a bush in the snow

Speaking of yellow, there’s got to be some yellow snow around here.

They tell me it carries the best messages.

Bongo sniffing another bush in the snow


There’s no yellow snow here either.

Agave plants covered in snow

These snow creatures must have eaten it all.

Bongo in his puddle that is almost covered in snow

Hey, what happened to my puddle?

It’s changed.

I guess not everybody likes snow the way I do.

I hope you pop out of it soon, puddle.

Bongo standing in the snow

Are you coming people?

Bongo on a snowy trail looking back

Come on!

Don’t worry about that puddle.

It’ll get over it.

Bongo waiting for his younger person to throw a snowball


Okay, throw the ball.

I’m ready.

Bongo watching his younger person with a snowball

I see that ball.

C’mon, throw it!

Bongo in the snow with a sad look

What do you mean, our walk is over?

Happy New Year everybody!


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Stare Down

Bongo with a Frisbee in his mouthI went out in my yard today as innocent as can be.

All I wanted to do was play with my Frisbee.

Oh yeah, and take care of other things too.

When all of a sudden my attention was drawn upward.

Do you believe it?

This pesky squirrel was sitting on a wire staring down at me.





Squirrel on Wire web

And we sat there having a staring contest.

I’ll get that pesky squirrel yet!

At least I won the contest.

That pesky squirrel couldn’t hold out very long.

And he…

Squirrel running down a wire

Ran on down the wire.

What a chicken!

Wait. Umm. I mean –

Chickens are good.

To eat that is.

That squirrel ain’t no chicken.

He’s a …

He’s a…

Scaredy cat. That’s what he is!


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The Perfect Garden

Bongo digging with a Frisbee in his mouthThis is cool!

My person is not using her garden at all.

That means it’s mine now.

If my person doesn’t want to plant anything I will.





Bongo still digging with a Frisbee in his mouth

Just a little bit deeper.

I don’t understand why my person doesn’t want to use this garden.

It’s digging up way easier than normal.

Usually the dirt is hard as a rock and no fun to dig in at all.

This is great!

Bongo digging with the Frisbee in his hole

I think that will do it.

I’ll just plant my Frisbee right here.

Bongo laying his Frisbee in his hole

On second thought, maybe that’s not the right place.

I think I’ll move it a little.

I’ve got to get it in just the right spot for it to grow.

Bongo watching the Frisbee in the hole


Now I’ll just wait.

I should be seeing some new little Frisbees sprouting anytime.

Bongo has a disgusted look and the Frisbee is still in the hole

Something’s wrong here!

This isn’t right!

Not one little Frisbee has started sprouting yet.

Hey person, what did you do to your garden?

It’s all messed up.


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Bongo Keep Away

Bongo keeping his distance in the yardMy person has been full of mischief lately.

Every time she leaves the house she makes me go in dog jail.

Sometimes when she just leaves the room I have to go in dog jail.

Well, I’m catching on to her.

I’ve got her all figured out.

Whenever she lets me out and I didn’t ask to go out, and it’s not bedtime, it means dog jail is coming next.


So when she lets me out – I stay out.

There’s no dog jail in the yard.

And she won’t leave me alone in the yard because then I pull more mischief.

I jump the fence and visit the neighbors.

She used to lure me in with treats, but I know better now.

Nope. No dog jail for me.

Bongo running through the garden area

Just try to catch me.

I let her get close, but then…

Bongo squeezing between a yucca plant and the fence

I squeeze past the yucca.

She won’t go this way. These yucca plants are pokey.

Bongo keeping his distance with a frisbee in his mouth

Hey person, I’ve got the Frisbee.

Come and get it!

Bongo running past the yucca the other way

Nope. No dog jail for me today.

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Homework at the Dog Park

Bongo carrying a Frisbee in his mouthI take everything back that I said about my person’s new camera. At least for now.

And here’s why.

My person’s photography class assignment for this week is “Motion.”

And who could come up with something more filled with motion than me?

So I got to go to the dog park today, where there’s lots of room to move.

And my person brought Frisbees and balls along – and her camera.

When we first got to the dog park there was one other dog hanging out. And it turned out to be my good buddy Pablo. I think my person planned that because she didn’t seem surprised.

But then my girlfriend Layla arrived. A regular dog party!

After I got done sniffing around I had to get to work. And it was the most fun work I’ve done in a long time. I guess it will work better if I just show you.

Bongo jumping

Bongo in the air with a ball in his mouth - Pablo on the ground

Bongo in the air with Pablo watching

Bongo on his way with a ball in his mouth

Bongo running

Bongo looking back

Bongo in the air

And they even gave me a place to wash off afterwards.

Bongo with his front feet in a bucket


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Mysterious Hole

Bongo checking out a hole in the groundSince we’ve gotten lots of rain here, the ground on my trails which is usually hard as rocks, has softened up.

It’s become so soft that somebody decided to dig a big hole – right next to my trail.

This hole was awfully close to some cactus so I thought I’d better investigate to see who might have done such a thing.

A few sniffs here – and a few sniffs there.

Hmmm. There are so many smells around here. It’s hard to figure who might have dug this.

What? Huh? What are you saying, person?

You think I dug this hole?

Bongo with a suspecting look

Where would you possibly have come up with an idea like that?

I’ve been dragging you around on this leash. I haven’t been out of your sight for a minute.

I don’t know when you think I would have had a chance to dig this without you seeing me.

Besides, I’m not much of a digger.

I bet you can’t even think of the last time you saw me digging a hole.

Bongo digging in the yard

Oh. Well, that was an exception.

That Frisbee was brand new and I really needed to bury it.


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The Dog Park

Sedona Dog ParkToday my person and I got in the car and we started driving the way we go to the vet. I like the vet because they give me lots of loves and treats so I was excited.

But then my person did something strange.

Hey, person. You took a wrong turn. The vet’s that way.

What? We’re not going to the vet?

I was really bummed until we got out of the car. There were lots of dog smells there.

Come on person, let’s go. Where are we anyway?

This is a dog park? They have parks for dogs? You never told me that before.

What? I’m finally starting to be nice to all the other dogs on my trails so you thought you’d let me come? What do you mean finally starting to? I’m always nice.

I couldn’t believe it when my person took off my leash. I found so many places to check messages and leave my own that I ran out of message juice – and without my leash my person couldn’t even drag me away.

Bongo Sniffing  a Tree

Bongo Sniffing a Garbage Can

Bongo Sniffing Bushes

Bongo Sniffing a Bush

Then I met Baxter. That little pup followed me around but I think he just wanted my Frisbee.

Baxter Following Bongo

Baxter really had his eye on my Frisbee.

Baxter Looking at Bongo's Frisbee

There’s no doubt about Baxter’s motives now.

Baxter Grabbing Bongo's Frisbee

Baxter and Bongo playing Tug o War with the Frisbee

Now Baxter, if you just remember who that Frisbee belongs to we’ll get along fine.

Baxter and Bongo looking at the Frisbee

Hey person, I had great fun at the Dog Park chasing Frisbees and balls. Can we go back tomorrow?

What? What do you mean I got too much exercise and you didn’t get enough?

Bongo Panting


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Where Do the Snow Creatures Go?

Bongo Eating SnowThis morning my entire back yard had turned into a popsicle. It tasted so yummy. Forget the Frisbee. I think I’ll see how much of my yard I can eat. Frozen snow is the best. Nice and crunchy. Not as hard as ice cubes – but I like those too.

I wanted to eat my whole yard – all the snow in it, but my person had other ideas – as usual. She took me out on my trails though and another wish came true. My trails had turned to mud. The sides of my trails still had lots of snow, but gooey, mucky, squishy mud filled my trails. It felt so good to walk in. I’m not sure why, but my person kept trying to avoid the mud. She didn’t do a very good job.

We squished along for awhile and then I found something interesting. Just sitting there on top of a trail marker. A snowman and a snow worm. A couple days ago I found a strange creature buried in the snow. I wonder if the snow worm is one of its babies. I wish it would snow more often. I’m finding all kinds of creatures that I don’t normally see on my trails. I wonder where they go when the snow goes away.

Snowman and Snow Worm

I even found a creek that only comes out when it snows. I wanted to follow it and find out where it goes. Maybe I would find where the snow creatures go too. They must have a hidey hole they all go to when the snow goes away.

Bongo in the Creek

My person wouldn’t let me follow the creek. Something about getting her boots wet. C’mon person. First you complain about the mud. Now you don’t want to wash it off.

People! If I don’t get mine trained right I’m never going to find that hidey hole.


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How to Walk in Snow

Bongo with a Frisbee in the SnowI don’t believe it! My person let me outside Sunday morning and there was snow everywhere. And not just a little bit of that white stuff. There was bunches. Perfect for dragging my Frisbee through. It slides really well in snow. This new Frisbee I have slides so well that sometimes it slips away from me and I have to find it.

Bongo in the Snow

If you look really close you can see my Frisbee flying behind me.


After I’d had enough of the Frisbee games, I decided it was time to take my person for a walk. I’m not sure taking my person for a walk in the snow was such a good idea though.

She kept making me stop so she could take pictures, and even when she wasn’t taking pictures she wouldn’t go fast enough.

Bongo in the trail in the snow

Hurry up, person.


Cactus in Snow

Cactus Covered in Snow


Snow on the Trails

Prickly Pear in Snow

Frozen Pricklers


I kept finding all kinds of really great smells in the bushes and every time I tried to go find where the smell came from my person yanked me back to the trails. Besides, every time she took a step her feet made such a loud crunching sound in the snow that all the critters probably heard her coming and ran for it.

Bongo Sniffing in Snow

Bongo at the Stream

I didn't know there was a stream here.


Then, guess what? I found a dead mouse sitting right on top of the snow. I picked it up and started to chomp on it. And you know what my person did. She made me drop it. I tried to ignore her but she wouldn’t give up. I figured if I dropped it for a minute she’d be happy and I could go pick it up again. But no. She wouldn’t let me get back near it. I can’t figure out why she would want to waste a good tasty morsel like that.

Bongo and Mouse in the Snow

I’d had about enough after that. I took my person home. And if she keeps spoiling my fun in the snow I’m leaving her home next time.


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You Call That Snow?

Bongo and a dusting of snowI have been waiting almost three months for some snow to play in. That’s how long it’s been since we had some. So I was really excited when my person told me the weather person said we should have snow overnight.

Yippee! Lots of fluffy, slippery white stuff to play in. I don’t even care if it’s cold. It’s so much fun. My favorite thing to do is drag my Frisbee around in it. It slides so much better in snow than it does in the dirt.

Well, this morning my person got up and let me outside, and what did I see? My yucca plants looked whiter. There was a little snow on the stairs. But on the ground – nothing, nada, kaput.

Somebody needs to talk to that weather person. How am I supposed to play in the snow if there’s none on the ground? This doesn’t even make sense. What good is snow if you can’t play in it? Why would it even bother coming if it’s not going to stick around and get deep?

Weather person, you’re just not doing your job. Next time you send snow you’ve got to send more of it. And if you don’t do that, I’m going to ask for a new weather person.


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