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Rumbly Mischief

Thunder Clouds over SedonaSomebody is a mischief maker and I’m not quite sure who.

But I think it’s my person.

You see, when I woke up this morning the sky was full of clouds and it was rumbling thunder.

And it kept thundering until my person finally left the house.

And forced me to stay in dog jail, mind you, while that thunder was rumbling on.



But this is October and we’re not supposed to get thunder in October.

Bongo on the trail with red rocks and blue sky in the background

This is what an October day where I live is supposed to look like.

And most of the time October days do look like this.

And you know what?

After my person left, the sky cleared up.

When she came back home the sky was all blue.

And then she left again.

And this time when she came home the sky had changed once more.

Cloudy Sky and Red Rocks

Now it looked like this.

And the thunder had come back.

I’m sure my person had something to do with it.

But she’s paying, because there’s no way I’m taking her for a walk today.

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Weather Mischief

Hedgehog cactus in bloomThere has definitely been some mischief around here this weekend.

Weather mischief.

First, I saw my first cactus flower of the year.

I think that’s supposed to mean spring is here.

At least I guess so. We never did have winter this year.

Until this weekend, that is.

Because a little while after I saw this flower it snowed.

I don’t know what the weather’s up to.

No good, I think.

And these prickly pear cacti must have thought so too, because they decided to protect this lonely little flower.

Cactus flower surrounded by prickly pear cacti

And then my mischievous puddle finally decided to show up.

Bongo in his puddle

I was really happy to see it, but the way it’s been lately it’ll probably go off and hide somewhere again tomorrow.

It hasn’t been hanging around much lately.


But then my person had to add to the mischief.

She knows how much I don’t like waiting while she takes flower pictures.

So now she’s getting even worse.

She’s taking pictures of flowers before they even turn into flowers.

Hedgehog cacti getting ready to bloom

Prickly pear cactus getting ready to bloom

This is getting really serious.

All this mischief surrounding me.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do.

I think what I need is one of these.

Bongo in front of a license plate that says MIRAKLS

I did spell that right, didn’t I?

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Under the Weather

Cloudy DayIt’s been raining out and my person says she’s under the weather so she won’t take me for a walk.

I don’t know what else she expects.

When it rains you’re always under the weather.

My person must have forgotten what it’s like.

We haven’t had any rain in over a month.

Do you think maybe if I took her flying up over the weather she’d take me for a walk?


Bongo in a Jet

It’s kind of hard to have adventures when you can’t leave the house.

Bongo taking a nap

Guess I’ll take a nap.


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Unexpected Weather Day

Bongo in a puddle in the yardWhat a day! My person said it was going to rain today and I guess she was right. It’s been doing nothing but rain all day long. It’s not even a day I want to go out for a walk, and I usually take my person out in almost any kind of weather.

Well, except for that thunder kind of weather, that is.

We weren’t supposed to get any of that thunder stuff today. But I guess the clouds got tired of sending down rain because for awhile they sent hail…


Hail on the stairs

and then it thundered.

But awhile later those clouds changed their mind again. It started to snow. Really hard.

Bongo in the snow

That snow even stayed on the ground.

Bongo sniffing the snow

Okay, I checked it out. It’s really snow – even though we were only supposed to get rain today.

It’s cold, wet, and blowy out here. This is all the walk I need.

You mean I don’t have to drag you back home, person? You want to go home, too?

Move over, Scratchy. I’m taking over your warm spot.


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Where Is It?

Thunder MountainI don’t see it here. Where is it?

You said it was coming. How come I’m not finding it?






.Maybe it’s over here.

Bongo looking around

Nope. I don’t see it anywhere.

Is it over this way?

Bongo looking the other way

Not here either.

Where is it?

A couple days ago we had a really warm day and we hiked up Sugarloaf. Person, you said we were taking advantage of the nice weather because snow was on its way.

And then yesterday it got cold and cloudy and you still said snow was on its way. I started getting really excited because I love playing in the snow.

So this morning I was all ready to run out and play in the snow. But there wasn’t any. There weren’t even any clouds anymore.

But person, you said we were getting snow, so it must be around here somewhere.

I don’t care if the weatherman messed up. If he’s hiding that snow from me he’d better come forth with it. Nobody’s keeping my snow from me.

What do you mean, I’m not going to find any snow?

That’s not fair!

Could you at least get me a couple ice cubes then?

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Appreciating the Weather

Bongo sniffing something on the trailToday was one of those T-shirt kind of days that we sometimes get here in January. My person said snow was on the way so we needed to take advantage of the weather while it’s here. So off we headed on my trails.








Bongo heading up a trail

Hey person, this isn’t our usual way to go. Where am I taking you?

Bongo in a small patch of snow

Did you say snow was on its way? There’s some snow already hanging out here.


When I finished checking out the snow that seemed to like this warm weather, we headed on up the trail.

Bongo heading up a steep trail

Where am I taking you person? This trail’s really steep.

Bongo looking down the trail

Are you coming, person? You seem to be taking your time.

Bongo looking worn out

You can slow down now, person. I need a rest.


Finally, we made it to the top.

Bongo and view over edge of houses below

Can you see our house down there?

Hey, this is pretty cool. A what kind of view is it? Panoramic view? I don’t see any pans from here? Just an old coffee pot.

Mogollon Rim from Sugarloaf

Mogollon Rim


Coffee Pot Rock

Coffee Pot Rock


Coffee Pot Rock

Coffee Pot Rock


Thunder Mountain

Thunder Mountain


Hey, I worked really hard to get up here.

Bongo looking down the trail

What do you mean, we have to go back down again?





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You Call That Snow?

Bongo and a dusting of snowI have been waiting almost three months for some snow to play in. That’s how long it’s been since we had some. So I was really excited when my person told me the weather person said we should have snow overnight.

Yippee! Lots of fluffy, slippery white stuff to play in. I don’t even care if it’s cold. It’s so much fun. My favorite thing to do is drag my Frisbee around in it. It slides so much better in snow than it does in the dirt.

Well, this morning my person got up and let me outside, and what did I see? My yucca plants looked whiter. There was a little snow on the stairs. But on the ground – nothing, nada, kaput.

Somebody needs to talk to that weather person. How am I supposed to play in the snow if there’s none on the ground? This doesn’t even make sense. What good is snow if you can’t play in it? Why would it even bother coming if it’s not going to stick around and get deep?

Weather person, you’re just not doing your job. Next time you send snow you’ve got to send more of it. And if you don’t do that, I’m going to ask for a new weather person.


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