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Under the Weather

Cloudy DayIt’s been raining out and my person says she’s under the weather so she won’t take me for a walk.

I don’t know what else she expects.

When it rains you’re always under the weather.

My person must have forgotten what it’s like.

We haven’t had any rain in over a month.

Do you think maybe if I took her flying up over the weather she’d take me for a walk?


Bongo in a Jet

It’s kind of hard to have adventures when you can’t leave the house.

Bongo taking a nap

Guess I’ll take a nap.


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Pet Owner’s Day

Bongo SleepingFinally, my person came and brought me home from the dog hotel. But I think she had an ulterior motive when she got me.

You see, today is Pet Owner’s Day. I think my person came and got me because she thought I would treat her special today. I bet if it wasn’t Pet Owner’s Day my person would have let me just sit in the dog hotel. Who knows when she would have come to let me out.

My person probably thinks I’m going to get her something special for Pet Owner’s Day. She probably thinks I’m going to get her a special treat – like chocolate or something. And she probably thinks I’m going to do special things for her – like take her on an extra long walk or something.

Well, I’ve got a surprise for her. Because I found a new friend at the dog hotel and she played with me – a lot.

I had great fun with my new friend, but now I’m totally worn out.

So that extra long walk isn’t coming – and I need that chocolate more than my person does.

So my person is out of luck this Pet Owner’s Day. Unless, that is, she can get Scratchy to do something special for her.

I’m going to take a nap.


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