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Enough Already

Bongo and a hedgehog cactus in bloomWhat is going on here?

These hedgehog cactus should have been done blooming a long time ago.

They’re torturing me, because my person won’t stop taking pictures of them.

Why don’t they just go away?

I keep thinking they’re gone and then some more of this colorful stuff pops up on my trails.

C’mon person. Haven’t you taken enough pictures of these cacti?



Hedgehog cactus in bloomThere she goes again.

Hedgehog cactus blossom

And again.

Okay person, that’s enough.

I’m taking you home now.

You’re going to wear out your camera.


Hey person, what are you doing?

You are so misbehaved.

You’ve got to stop wandering off like that.

Oh no, look at this!

My person is so obsessed with her camera…

Prickly pear blossoms with an ant inside

…that she’s started taking pictures of ants.

Person, wouldn’t it have made more sense to wait until you had that ant in full view before you took the picture of it?


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Don’t Look

Bongo in front of a blooming cholla cactusDon’t look person.

There’s nothing over here.

Just keep walking on the trail.

I’ll catch up with you as soon as I take care of business.

Just don’t look this way.






Red cholla cactus flowers

Person, you weren’t supposed to look over here.

I didn’t want you to see those cactus flowers.

Now I’m stuck.

She’ll be here taking pictures forever.


Red cholla cactus flowers

See. I told you so.


Whew! She didn’t take too many pictures this time.

Now we can get on with our walk.

Wait a minute!

What are you doing?

My person is so desperate to take pictures that she’s finding flowers that don’t even exist.

Green cholla cactus flowers

Since when do we have green flowers on my trails?

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Bongo next to a healing prickly pear cactusI’ve got some good news to share with you.

You see, a little over a year ago there was some serious mischief on my trails.

A crime actually.

Someone had murdered some of my prickly pear cacti.

If you want to know how terrible this crime was you can click on this link here.

Ever since then I’ve been sad every time I walk by and see them.

But those prickly pear are hardy.

And they’re beginning to show signs of healing.

They must have only been almost murdered.

How do I know?


Because dead cacti don’t grow flowers.

Damaged prickly pear cactus with blossoms

It’s like a miracle on my trails.

And things have gotten even better.

The injured prickly pear keep getting more flowers.

Damaged prickly pear with blossoms

But please be careful around these prickly pear.

If you tell them they still look ugly…

they might shed a few flowers.


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Too Many Flowers

Bongo in front of hedgehog cactus blossomsThey’re everywhere this year.

Spots of magenta peeking out from the browns and greens of my trails.






It’s kind of like an Easter egg hunt.

Hedgehog cactus blossoms hidden in the woods

Little spots of color popping up when you least expect it.

But I’m going to have to practice my photobombing.

Because my person has to get her camera out every time we pass one of those things.

Hedgehog cactus blossoms

Hedgehog blossom close up

I don’t know what she sees in those things.

They don’t even smell good.

And none of my friends leave messages on them.

That could be disastrous.

All I can hope for is that their blooming season is over very soon.


Wait! What?

This is terrible!

The hedgehogs are still in full bloom and the prickly pear are already starting up?

Prickly Pear blossom

Prickly pear blossom

What am I going to do?

Two kinds of cacti blooming at the same time.

I think I’ve got a lot of boring walks to look forward to.

Time for another photobomb.

Bongo in front of blooming prickly pear


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Confused Cactus

Bongo and prickly pear cactus in the sunThere is a lot of prickly pear cactus on my trails.

Most of the time if you stay away from the cactus, it will stay away from you.

That’s how we get along, that cactus and I.

All winter that cactus sits around and doesn’t do much of anything – except maybe get eaten by javelina.

But in the spring the prickly pear has blossoms.

They’re not quite here yet.



Prickly pear cactus with buds

And it will be bad when they do come out because my person will stop and take all kinds of pictures of them.

Pink flowers next to a prickly pear cactus

Hey wait a minute!

The prickly pear around here don’t have pink blossoms.

What’s going on?

If I were a pink flower I would not be growing there.

They must be stuck.


But back to the prickly pear.

In the fall they have fruit.

Big, red, juicy fruit.

Like pears with prickles.

But I found this one prickly pear that doesn’t seem to know what time of year it is.

Prickly pear cactus with one fruit

Or maybe this prickly pear is trying to be my friend.

No flower pictures.

This one cut right to the fruit.


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Colorful Trouble

Bongo and some hedgehog cacti in bloomWhat’s this?

This splash of color here.

What is it?

Is it what I think it is?

Because if it is I’m really in trouble.

It means my walks are going to take forever the next couple of weeks.

Didn’t this just happen last year?

How come it has to happen again so soon?


I think I’m going to protest.

Hedgehog cactus in bloom

Yup. The hedgehog cacti are all starting to bloom again.

Hedgehog cactus blossom

And my person has to stop and take pictures of every one of them.

Hedgehog cactus blossoms

I might as well roll over and play dead.


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Weather Mischief

Hedgehog cactus in bloomThere has definitely been some mischief around here this weekend.

Weather mischief.

First, I saw my first cactus flower of the year.

I think that’s supposed to mean spring is here.

At least I guess so. We never did have winter this year.

Until this weekend, that is.

Because a little while after I saw this flower it snowed.

I don’t know what the weather’s up to.

No good, I think.

And these prickly pear cacti must have thought so too, because they decided to protect this lonely little flower.

Cactus flower surrounded by prickly pear cacti

And then my mischievous puddle finally decided to show up.

Bongo in his puddle

I was really happy to see it, but the way it’s been lately it’ll probably go off and hide somewhere again tomorrow.

It hasn’t been hanging around much lately.


But then my person had to add to the mischief.

She knows how much I don’t like waiting while she takes flower pictures.

So now she’s getting even worse.

She’s taking pictures of flowers before they even turn into flowers.

Hedgehog cacti getting ready to bloom

Prickly pear cactus getting ready to bloom

This is getting really serious.

All this mischief surrounding me.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do.

I think what I need is one of these.

Bongo in front of a license plate that says MIRAKLS

I did spell that right, didn’t I?

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Not Alone

Bongo on the trailIt was a nice, quiet day on my trails and I was enjoying having them all to myself when my person had to tell me we weren’t really alone out here.

I looked all around and I didn’t see any people or any dogs so I don’t know what she was talking about.

My person told me to look some more.

I think she’s nuts. There’s no one else here.

Hey person, I’m done looking. There’s no one here. I need to get on with my sniffing to find out who was here.

Well, check this out. Look at the little guy in this cactus flower.

Bee in a hedgehog cactus flower

And here’s another one. Trying to bury itself.

Bee in a prickly pear cactus flower

How do you expect me to notice these guys if they bury themselves inside the flowers?


Or this guy?

Beetle in a hole in the ground

This guy really is trying to hide. He found his own hidey hole.

Red and black beetle

At least this one is out in the open. I think he wants to show off. I’ve never seen one like him before.


Oh, look now. Even the ants are getting into the act.

Blossoms and an ant on a leaf

What am I supposed to do person? These are my trails. But look how many insects there are. I’m afraid they’re going to take over.

It’s useless trying to get rid of them. They’re everywhere.

This is really depressing.

I might as well be chasing butterflies.

Butterfly on yellow flowers


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Hidden Hedgehogs

Bongo under a bush looking at cactus blossomsLast year there were tons of little hedgehog cacti blooming on my trails. This year they are blooming again, but not as many.

Maybe that’s why they seem to be hiding themselves. They must think they need protection, and since there’s no protection in numbers they’re looking for other ways.

Check out this one that I’m trying to get at.

It’s hiding under a catclaw bush. There’s a reason these bushes are called what they’re called.

But if I can brave Scratchy’s claws I can brave anything. This bush ain’t got nothing on me.

Hedgehog cactus blooming under prickly pear


Here’s another one trying to use prickly things for protection. I know what those prickly things do. I’m staying out of there.

Hedgehog cactus blooming under a bush


This one really tucked itself away. If it hadn’t been for its bright color we never would have seen it.

Hedgehog cactus blossoms


My person will crawl under anything for a good picture. It’s a good thing that bush didn’t have pricklers. I would have had to take the tweezers to her when we got home.

Hedgehog cactus blooming under bush


It seems that all the cacti are hiding under bushes.

Hedgehog cactus flowerss


I think my person was brushing dirt off her knees after taking this picture.

Hedgehog cactus flowers surrounded by a bush


This cactus used a different approach. Instead of blooming under a bush it decided to bloom in a bush.

But this next cactus is very brave indeed.

Hedgehog cactus appears to be holding out two flowers


Standing right out in the open and holding up an offering.


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