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What Happens in the Mud

Bongo's paws next to some much larger paw prints

Somebody really big showed up on my trails when they were muddy.

I’m sure glad I missed out on seeing that somebody.

That could be really scary.

It taught me something though.

Not to take my person for walks on my trails when the mud is out.

Because whoever this is with the big paws likes to play in the mud.

I might get stuck in the mud and be mistaken for a new toy.

Yup, I think I’ll avoid my trails when the mud comes out.

Besides, I won’t get yelled at when I come back in the house.


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Where’s the Mud Puddle?

Bongo near vehicle covered with mudLook at this!

Here I’ve been struggling to find adventures lately and this vehicle must have been having all kinds of adventures.

I’ve never come off my trails looking like this.

I’ve been wet before – when I go on trails with a swimming hole.

But I’ve never found a mud puddle big enough to bathe me in mud.

I wonder where this vehicle found a mud puddle that big?

Can you imagine!?

I would be swimming in mud if I found the puddle that got this thing so muddy.

I bet that would be fun. Splashing mud all over the place.

I might even get a few drops of it on my people.

They’d look funny with mud all over them.

Their smiles would turn upside down and –

Oh wait. I can already see them grabbing me by the collar and pulling me out of my newly found mud puddle.

Guess I’d better be careful about the splashing part.

But where can this mud puddle be?

Maybe I can get some clues if I sniff around here.

Bongo sniffing near vehicle covered with mud


I think I might know where these smells came from.

Come on, person. Let go of my leash.

I’ve got to go find that mud puddle.


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Red Trails Again

Red Rocks in snow and cloudsThis is our second day of falling snow and it still isn’t covering up my trails.







Bongo speckled with snow

I haven’t been able to figure out why that snow can cover me up, but not my trails.

I guess some good things came out of it though. Lots of squishy mud.

Bongo and his paw prints in the mud

We met a man that looked like he had had a close encounter with some of that squishy mud. It gave me a great idea. What if my person and I did some mud wrestling? It would be almost as much fun as playing in snow. I tried to suggest it to my person and she wouldn’t go for it. People just don’t know how to have fun.

Well, most people anyway. We met two people who were laughing as they came around a bend. I think they were having fun. And they hadn’t even been doing any mud wrestling. I thought I’d do them a favor by showing them how tasty snow is. They didn’t want any though. They might know how to have fun, but they’re missing out when it comes to good taste.

Raven flying in a snowstorm

The ravens looked like they were having great fun today.

Raven flying near a tree

They usually don’t come this close to us, but I guess they were enjoying the snow.

Raven sitting in a tree

But since I can’t fly and my person won’t mud wrestle with me I’ll have to have fun in the snow a different way.

Maybe I can pretend I’m Waldo’s dog.

Bongo hiding among the snowy trees

Can you see me?


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Shadows and Squishy Mud

Bongo and his shadow over mudSomething strange is happening on my trails today. Some things just don’t go together.

One of those things is shadows. Shadows show up when the sun is out. We have a lot of sunny days here so I’m used to seeing shadows.

The other thing is squishy mud. We don’t have squishy mud as often as we have shadows. It either has to rain a lot, or snow enough to turn everything good and white – and then melt.

These two things don’t show up on my trails at the same time. If we have shadows it’s not raining and right now there’s no snow anywhere in sight.

But they’re here. Both of them. I think I’d better investigate.

Bongo looking at muddy footprints

Hmmm. This is interesting. A lot of people walked on my trails when I wasn’t around. Maybe I’d better hang out more often. I’m missing out on a lot of loves.

Bongo checking out bike tracks in the mud

And what’s this? It looks like it was made by one of those bike things. I guess somebody forgot to leave it at that rack thingy. The one I use as a message post. I could have left a really good message on that bike.

Bongo walking over pawprints

This is not good. Some other dog leaving marks in my squishy mud. Next thing you know, that dog will be thinking these are his trails.

I’d better make this investigation official. I’m off to get my official hat. No dog would try to cross Detective Dog.

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

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Almost Snow

Snow on High RocksIt snowed today, but I’m not sure what happened. Last time it snowed here I found all kinds of snow creatures. This time, nothing. I think there might be some in those rocks up there. Those rocks are a lot whiter than usual and snow creatures are white. So that might be them hiding up there.

I’m not sure why I saw snow coming down all day, but the ground is just wet. Shouldn’t it be white and slippery when it snows? I did find a few slushy weeds on my trails. They were extra good, but my person would only let me get a couple bites in before dragging me away.

Bongo eating a slushy weed

Oh, wait a minute. Here’s something that wasn’t here before. Puddles and squishy mud! This is alright! Keep walking, person. I’ve got to see how much mud I can squish.

Bongo in a puddle and mud

Oh, look! It’s back! My puddle came back! Puddle, where have you been? I’ve missed you so much. I didn’t know if I would ever see you again. I’m so glad you came back. Were you lost? Did the snow creatures take you away with them? Did they drop you off before they went up on those rocks? Puddle, it’s so good to see you again.

Bongo in his favorite puddle

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Where Do the Snow Creatures Go?

Bongo Eating SnowThis morning my entire back yard had turned into a popsicle. It tasted so yummy. Forget the Frisbee. I think I’ll see how much of my yard I can eat. Frozen snow is the best. Nice and crunchy. Not as hard as ice cubes – but I like those too.

I wanted to eat my whole yard – all the snow in it, but my person had other ideas – as usual. She took me out on my trails though and another wish came true. My trails had turned to mud. The sides of my trails still had lots of snow, but gooey, mucky, squishy mud filled my trails. It felt so good to walk in. I’m not sure why, but my person kept trying to avoid the mud. She didn’t do a very good job.

We squished along for awhile and then I found something interesting. Just sitting there on top of a trail marker. A snowman and a snow worm. A couple days ago I found a strange creature buried in the snow. I wonder if the snow worm is one of its babies. I wish it would snow more often. I’m finding all kinds of creatures that I don’t normally see on my trails. I wonder where they go when the snow goes away.

Snowman and Snow Worm

I even found a creek that only comes out when it snows. I wanted to follow it and find out where it goes. Maybe I would find where the snow creatures go too. They must have a hidey hole they all go to when the snow goes away.

Bongo in the Creek

My person wouldn’t let me follow the creek. Something about getting her boots wet. C’mon person. First you complain about the mud. Now you don’t want to wash it off.

People! If I don’t get mine trained right I’m never going to find that hidey hole.


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Walking in the Rain

Rain CloudsI can’t believe my person did it. She took me for a walk in the rain. She could have just stayed at home in the nice warm house and hung out on the computer helping me write my blog – but no, she took me for a walk.

Well, I’m game pretty much anytime but this time it wasn’t quite fair. After all, my person has a jacket with a hood on it and her hair stayed dry. I ended up a little on the damp side by the time our walk was over.

It was a pretty cool walk though. I found lots and lots of slippery, slimy, squishy mud – it kind of reminded me of my slobber – about the same consistency (did I say that word – consistency?) Okay person, stop interjecting with words that I don’t even know what they mean.

Our walk out in the mud and the rain was a little quieter than usual. I could hear the slurping sound of the mud every time I put one of my feet in it but something was missing. We didn’t see one other person or dog on the trail today. Not one. Just a few robins and that was it. I guess all those other people were home on their computers practicing their writing and hoping I’ll let them help me with my blog someday.

Dog Treats

Yesterday I was interviewed on the Love of My Dogs blog. I put the link up late so I thought I’d add it again in case any of you missed it.

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Shrinking Rocks

Something really strange happened today. The big rocks near my house got shorter.

Clouds Covering the Red Rocks

Clouds Covering the Red Rocks

I had a really fun time on my walk. There were lots of puddles and mud. My person doesn’t like the mud. She says she sinks into it and it sticks to her boots – so she tried to walk on the dry spots, but sometimes there weren’t any. Me, I like the mud. It’s soft and squishy and feels good to walk on.

Bongo in the Mud Puddle

I got a surprise when we went further along on the trail. My puddle that has been around for awhile had turned into a lake. It had lots of good smells in it too.

Wading in a Large Puddle

By the time we came back from our walk the big rocks had gotten back to normal size. I’m not really sure what was happening with those rocks.

Thunder Mountain

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