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Where’s the Mud Puddle?

Bongo near vehicle covered with mudLook at this!

Here I’ve been struggling to find adventures lately and this vehicle must have been having all kinds of adventures.

I’ve never come off my trails looking like this.

I’ve been wet before – when I go on trails with a swimming hole.

But I’ve never found a mud puddle big enough to bathe me in mud.

I wonder where this vehicle found a mud puddle that big?

Can you imagine!?

I would be swimming in mud if I found the puddle that got this thing so muddy.

I bet that would be fun. Splashing mud all over the place.

I might even get a few drops of it on my people.

They’d look funny with mud all over them.

Their smiles would turn upside down and –

Oh wait. I can already see them grabbing me by the collar and pulling me out of my newly found mud puddle.

Guess I’d better be careful about the splashing part.

But where can this mud puddle be?

Maybe I can get some clues if I sniff around here.

Bongo sniffing near vehicle covered with mud


I think I might know where these smells came from.

Come on, person. Let go of my leash.

I’ve got to go find that mud puddle.


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Paw Print

Bongo looking at a paw print on a carI didn’t do it.

No, really I didn’t.

Some other dog beat me to it.

Some other dog put his paw print on that car.

I only do things like that when there’s somebody in a car that I want loves from.

And there’s nobody in that car.

So it wasn’t me.

I hope that other dog got some good loves.

Because it wasn’t me.

Person, maybe you’d better give me extra loves because I was a good dog.

I didn’t put my paw print on that car.

And I bet I missed out on some loves because of it.

I’ll take those loves now person.

Because if you don’t give them to me…

Magnet paw print on a car that says "Woof"

I might decide to put a paw print on your car.


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