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Cloud Adventures

Bongo on the trailI headed out on my trails looking for adventure again today.

I was hoping for something better than I had the last time I went looking for adventure.

Last time I got attacked by that dog named Clyde, and even though neither of us got hurt it wasn’t the most fun adventure I’d ever had.

So I thought maybe I’d look for something a little milder this time.

Well, I guess I found it.

Mild, that is.

I didn’t have a single adventure on my trails.

Maybe looking for mild is not such a good thing. Next time I’ll have to pump it up a little.

But wait! I might not have had any adventures, but somebody else was having adventures all over the place.

The clouds were going wild.

Windblown clouds

Sugarloaf rock and windblown clouds

Trees, clouds and sun peeking through

Circle of the sun showing through clouds

Circle of the sun through clouds framed by trees

How’s that for adventure?



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Shadows and Squishy Mud

Bongo and his shadow over mudSomething strange is happening on my trails today. Some things just don’t go together.

One of those things is shadows. Shadows show up when the sun is out. We have a lot of sunny days here so I’m used to seeing shadows.

The other thing is squishy mud. We don’t have squishy mud as often as we have shadows. It either has to rain a lot, or snow enough to turn everything good and white – and then melt.

These two things don’t show up on my trails at the same time. If we have shadows it’s not raining and right now there’s no snow anywhere in sight.

But they’re here. Both of them. I think I’d better investigate.

Bongo looking at muddy footprints

Hmmm. This is interesting. A lot of people walked on my trails when I wasn’t around. Maybe I’d better hang out more often. I’m missing out on a lot of loves.

Bongo checking out bike tracks in the mud

And what’s this? It looks like it was made by one of those bike things. I guess somebody forgot to leave it at that rack thingy. The one I use as a message post. I could have left a really good message on that bike.

Bongo walking over pawprints

This is not good. Some other dog leaving marks in my squishy mud. Next thing you know, that dog will be thinking these are his trails.

I’d better make this investigation official. I’m off to get my official hat. No dog would try to cross Detective Dog.

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

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