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Missing the Smell

Bongo climbing out of a dry washMy person and I headed out of the wash and back onto one of my regular trails.

But before we could get on the trail our path was blocked.

Three mountain bikers rolled on by.

They couldn’t see us as they approached because we were hidden behind a tree. But as they rolled on past, only a few feet away, not one of them looked and noticed that we were there.

Imagine being so close to a dog and a person and not knowing it.

People are so unaware sometimes.

I’d never miss a biker. If I didn’t see or hear the biker I would smell him.

But what if nobody smelled?

Not only would the world be a far less interesting place, but if someone was quiet enough they might be able to sneak up on you.

Or we might pass people and dogs all the time and not even know about it.

We might be lost in our own little worlds and lose out on all the greetings, and conversations (barking, I mean), and playful times.

That might make the world a lonely place to be.

It would be terrible!

Wait. If people can’t smell things very well, I bet they miss out on who’s near them all the time.

Something needs to be done about this.

There must be some kind of nose surgery to help people smell things better.

And I hope that surgery clears a few more things up for them.

For some reason people have the strangest sense about what smells good.


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Biker Block

Bongo looking down the trail at mountain bikersHmmm. What’s going on here? My trail seems to be blocked.

And just when I was getting ready to head home.

After a nice, long walk I was so looking forward to a nap.

And now my trail is blocked. How am I going to get home?

What’s going on there, anyway?






Mountain bikers on the trail

It looks like mountain bikers, which is strange.

Mountain bikers don’t stay in one place. They’re always moving.

Why are they hanging around blocking my trail?

Are they doing it to me on purpose?

Did they say to themselves, “Here comes Bongo. Let’s block the trail?”

Mountain bikers stopped on the trail

Now I think I see what they’re doing. They’re trying to get that guy behind the tree to take a picture of them.

That’s even worse. Blocking a trail just so someone can take your picture.

Who wants pictures of themselves anyway?

I only like pictures taken of me when I get paid in treats.

Bongo with a mischievous grin and bikers in the distance

I’ll give those guys a treat if they keep blocking the trail.

But it’s not going to be the kind of treat I get when my picture is taken.


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Shadows and Squishy Mud

Bongo and his shadow over mudSomething strange is happening on my trails today. Some things just don’t go together.

One of those things is shadows. Shadows show up when the sun is out. We have a lot of sunny days here so I’m used to seeing shadows.

The other thing is squishy mud. We don’t have squishy mud as often as we have shadows. It either has to rain a lot, or snow enough to turn everything good and white – and then melt.

These two things don’t show up on my trails at the same time. If we have shadows it’s not raining and right now there’s no snow anywhere in sight.

But they’re here. Both of them. I think I’d better investigate.

Bongo looking at muddy footprints

Hmmm. This is interesting. A lot of people walked on my trails when I wasn’t around. Maybe I’d better hang out more often. I’m missing out on a lot of loves.

Bongo checking out bike tracks in the mud

And what’s this? It looks like it was made by one of those bike things. I guess somebody forgot to leave it at that rack thingy. The one I use as a message post. I could have left a really good message on that bike.

Bongo walking over pawprints

This is not good. Some other dog leaving marks in my squishy mud. Next thing you know, that dog will be thinking these are his trails.

I’d better make this investigation official. I’m off to get my official hat. No dog would try to cross Detective Dog.

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

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