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Missing the Smell

Bongo climbing out of a dry washMy person and I headed out of the wash and back onto one of my regular trails.

But before we could get on the trail our path was blocked.

Three mountain bikers rolled on by.

They couldn’t see us as they approached because we were hidden behind a tree. But as they rolled on past, only a few feet away, not one of them looked and noticed that we were there.

Imagine being so close to a dog and a person and not knowing it.

People are so unaware sometimes.

I’d never miss a biker. If I didn’t see or hear the biker I would smell him.

But what if nobody smelled?

Not only would the world be a far less interesting place, but if someone was quiet enough they might be able to sneak up on you.

Or we might pass people and dogs all the time and not even know about it.

We might be lost in our own little worlds and lose out on all the greetings, and conversations (barking, I mean), and playful times.

That might make the world a lonely place to be.

It would be terrible!

Wait. If people can’t smell things very well, I bet they miss out on who’s near them all the time.

Something needs to be done about this.

There must be some kind of nose surgery to help people smell things better.

And I hope that surgery clears a few more things up for them.

For some reason people have the strangest sense about what smells good.


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The Best Smells

Good scents on SugarloafYesterday I told you about a smelly tree that I have to pass on the way to my trails. My person said that tree was probably trying to attract bees, but it wasn’t doing a very good job. I didn’t find a single bee around that tree.

I left the tree and went on to sniff much better things on my trails. Things that have messages attached so I can tell what my dog buddies have been up to.

And while I was sniffing I learned something new.

Bees must be kind of like dogs. They don’t like those smelly trees either.

They seem to like the bushes with the interesting smells too.

Although I stopped smelling this particular bush when I heard the buzzing sound.

Bee on a branch

This bee was on the busy side, and I didn’t want to disturb him.

Bee hanging from a branch

Getting on the wrong side of a bee is kind of like getting on the wrong side of a cactus.

I’ll go find another bush to sniff.


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