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Biker Block

Bongo looking down the trail at mountain bikersHmmm. What’s going on here? My trail seems to be blocked.

And just when I was getting ready to head home.

After a nice, long walk I was so looking forward to a nap.

And now my trail is blocked. How am I going to get home?

What’s going on there, anyway?






Mountain bikers on the trail

It looks like mountain bikers, which is strange.

Mountain bikers don’t stay in one place. They’re always moving.

Why are they hanging around blocking my trail?

Are they doing it to me on purpose?

Did they say to themselves, “Here comes Bongo. Let’s block the trail?”

Mountain bikers stopped on the trail

Now I think I see what they’re doing. They’re trying to get that guy behind the tree to take a picture of them.

That’s even worse. Blocking a trail just so someone can take your picture.

Who wants pictures of themselves anyway?

I only like pictures taken of me when I get paid in treats.

Bongo with a mischievous grin and bikers in the distance

I’ll give those guys a treat if they keep blocking the trail.

But it’s not going to be the kind of treat I get when my picture is taken.


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Around the Block

Bongo on the RoadToday was such a beautiful day and it felt really good to be outside. I took my person on our usual walk on my trails and then we headed back home.

But when we got back home I wasn’t ready to go in. I hadn’t seen any dogs on my trails, and only a few people. And two of the people were on mountain bikes. It’s kind of hard to get loves from a person on a bike.

So when it came time to turn back into our driveway I balked. I wanted more walk. And actually, I was kind of hoping to find Toby outside. Toby is my new dog neighbor and I haven’t even got to meet him yet. My person got to meet him, but noooo – she couldn’t let me out to meet him.

So I took my person around the block. We don’t usually walk around the block. My trails are nicer, but it’s kind of nice to do something different for a change. And I was hoping to meet some of my dog neighbors that don’t go on my trails.

There was nobody on the street at all. No people. No dogs. Not even a cat.

So when we got back to our driveway I balked again.

But my person wouldn’t go for it.

And she’s bigger than me.

Come on person, Toby’s going to be out here any minute now.


Sorry Toby. As soon as someone leaves the door open I’ll come by.

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