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Cloud Adventures

Bongo on the trailI headed out on my trails looking for adventure again today.

I was hoping for something better than I had the last time I went looking for adventure.

Last time I got attacked by that dog named Clyde, and even though neither of us got hurt it wasn’t the most fun adventure I’d ever had.

So I thought maybe I’d look for something a little milder this time.

Well, I guess I found it.

Mild, that is.

I didn’t have a single adventure on my trails.

Maybe looking for mild is not such a good thing. Next time I’ll have to pump it up a little.

But wait! I might not have had any adventures, but somebody else was having adventures all over the place.

The clouds were going wild.

Windblown clouds

Sugarloaf rock and windblown clouds

Trees, clouds and sun peeking through

Circle of the sun showing through clouds

Circle of the sun through clouds framed by trees

How’s that for adventure?



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Rain Changes

Bongo on the trail - cloud covered rocks in the distanceIt rained and rained today.

I thought I was going to have to take my person for a rain walk.

But finally things cleared up – or at least the rain stopped falling.

So off we went.

But something had happened on my trails.

The clouds had stolen some of my rocks.





Clouds over Thunder Mountain

Yikes! There goes another one.

I’d better go chase those clouds away before they steal all my rocks.

Cloud covered rocks

I had to give up on those clouds because I couldn’t convince my person to follow me – and she wouldn’t let go of my leash.

Sometimes it’s a real burden taking a person for a walk.

Some of my rocks had disappeared – but then I found some new things on my trails that hadn’t been there before.

Small purple flowers

These flowers weren’t here before.

Bongo looking at water in the wash

Neither was this swimming hole.

Yipee! I love swimming.

Hey, wait a minute. This hole’s not deep enough.

Maybe I can dig it deeper.

Bongo digging in a small pool of water

Maybe not.

Guess I’ll head back home.

Hey person, I think we might be lost.

Bongo in a wash containing a small stream of water

I’ve been looking all over the place and I can’t find the dry wash that we always walk through.


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Jet Trails

Sedona Sunset with Jet TrailMy trails are not the highest trails around. They’re underneath another set of trails. Jet trails.

Lots of jets fly over my trails. You can see where the setting sun is lighting up one of the  jet trails in the top of this picture.

Usually those jets don’t bother me – I hardly notice them at all. Except when it’s cloudy outside. I guess they figure that I can’t see them, and they want to make sure I know they’re there anyway. So they turn up their jet noise, and it sounds a lot like thunder.

When that happens I have to calm my person down. She gets all excited when she thinks it’s thunder, and I’m afraid she’s going to grab me by the leash and drag me home. I have to convince her that it’s not thunder at all.

But there are a few of those flying things that don’t seem to understand that they have to stay on the trails. I get in trouble if I wander off the trail. Shouldn’t all the flying things stay on their trails too?

Helicopter and Cloud Buildups

This one looks like it’s having a race with the clouds. I’m not sure who’s going to win, but I bet if that flying thing stayed in the jet trails the clouds wouldn’t have a chance.

Biplane and Contrail

I can see the jet trail in this picture and this flying thing is way off of it. Actually, I think this flying thing lost its way in time too. There must be a time warp somewhere in those jet trails, and I bet this flying thing popped out of it and got confused.

Hot Air Balloon

Wait a minute! This one looks like it’s trying to come down and steal my trails. I hope someone tells these flying things that if they want to be flying things, they’ve got to fly.


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