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Creepy Cloudy Days

Bongo creeping along in a wash with puddlesCloudy days can be creepy here.

You never know what you might step on when you’re creeping along in a wash.

Hey, wait a minute!

Person, you put up the wrong picture.

I don’t get creeped out in my wash. I like stepping in puddles.

Put that other picture up.


Thunder Mountain with a spot lit up

The light goes away on cloudy days.

Or it’s up way too high to reach.

This isn’t right either.

I can find my way by smelling things.

I don’t care if there’s not much light.

You’ve still got the wrong picture, person.

Sugarloaf with black dots in the sky above it

That’s better. That’s what I’m looking for.

Or is it?

That looks like you got some black dots on your lens.

I think you need to clean your camera, person.

Ravens in the sky

I think you cleaned your camera the wrong way. Now those black dots are bigger.

Oh yeah, that’s what I was talking about.

On cloudy days the ravens fly low over that rock on my trails.

They always look like they’re up to no good.

At least they don’t come down and dive bomb me but they sure flock together on days like this.

I tried to talk to those ravens and find out what they were doing up there.

I even threatened to get my Detective Dog hat and investigate.

But nothing seemed to work.

I don’t think those ravens understood what I was saying to them, because they kept repeating the same word over and over again.

I asked them if they were going to come back every cloudy day and all they said was…

Ravens Together



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Red Trails Again

Red Rocks in snow and cloudsThis is our second day of falling snow and it still isn’t covering up my trails.







Bongo speckled with snow

I haven’t been able to figure out why that snow can cover me up, but not my trails.

I guess some good things came out of it though. Lots of squishy mud.

Bongo and his paw prints in the mud

We met a man that looked like he had had a close encounter with some of that squishy mud. It gave me a great idea. What if my person and I did some mud wrestling? It would be almost as much fun as playing in snow. I tried to suggest it to my person and she wouldn’t go for it. People just don’t know how to have fun.

Well, most people anyway. We met two people who were laughing as they came around a bend. I think they were having fun. And they hadn’t even been doing any mud wrestling. I thought I’d do them a favor by showing them how tasty snow is. They didn’t want any though. They might know how to have fun, but they’re missing out when it comes to good taste.

Raven flying in a snowstorm

The ravens looked like they were having great fun today.

Raven flying near a tree

They usually don’t come this close to us, but I guess they were enjoying the snow.

Raven sitting in a tree

But since I can’t fly and my person won’t mud wrestle with me I’ll have to have fun in the snow a different way.

Maybe I can pretend I’m Waldo’s dog.

Bongo hiding among the snowy trees

Can you see me?


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