Creepy Cloudy Days

27 Nov

Bongo creeping along in a wash with puddlesCloudy days can be creepy here.

You never know what you might step on when you’re creeping along in a wash.

Hey, wait a minute!

Person, you put up the wrong picture.

I don’t get creeped out in my wash. I like stepping in puddles.

Put that other picture up.


Thunder Mountain with a spot lit up

The light goes away on cloudy days.

Or it’s up way too high to reach.

This isn’t right either.

I can find my way by smelling things.

I don’t care if there’s not much light.

You’ve still got the wrong picture, person.

Sugarloaf with black dots in the sky above it

That’s better. That’s what I’m looking for.

Or is it?

That looks like you got some black dots on your lens.

I think you need to clean your camera, person.

Ravens in the sky

I think you cleaned your camera the wrong way. Now those black dots are bigger.

Oh yeah, that’s what I was talking about.

On cloudy days the ravens fly low over that rock on my trails.

They always look like they’re up to no good.

At least they don’t come down and dive bomb me but they sure flock together on days like this.

I tried to talk to those ravens and find out what they were doing up there.

I even threatened to get my Detective Dog hat and investigate.

But nothing seemed to work.

I don’t think those ravens understood what I was saying to them, because they kept repeating the same word over and over again.

I asked them if they were going to come back every cloudy day and all they said was…

Ravens Together



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21 responses to “Creepy Cloudy Days

  1. Kuruk

    November 27, 2013 at 10:34 am

    That is creepy Bongo! Wooo!

    • Bongo

      November 27, 2013 at 3:54 pm

      Ku, those ravens are good for giving out creeps.

  2. misswhiplash

    November 27, 2013 at 11:18 am

    I do hope that they are only small ravens and not like those big fellas at the Tower of London otherwise they might pick you up and carry you away

    • Bongo

      November 27, 2013 at 3:56 pm

      Patrecia, I think it would take a large flock of the ravens on my trails to lift me up. And then I’d bite. Oooh, tasty!

  3. marina kanavaki

    November 27, 2013 at 12:20 pm

    Maybe they too don’t like thunder, Bongo… but I hope this rain will be with no thunder!
    Beautiful cloudy photos, your person took. 🙂

    • Bongo

      November 27, 2013 at 3:57 pm

      Thanks Marina. My person left me in dog jail for the most horrible thunder storm last week, but the clouds the last few days have only brought rain.

  4. Genevieve Petrillo

    November 27, 2013 at 3:29 pm

    Ravens! *shiver* Are they like buzzards? I’m pretty sure they would try to kill me. Yikes.

    Love and licks,

    • Bongo

      November 27, 2013 at 3:58 pm

      Cupcake, ravens are worse than buzzards because they eat live and dead things. Don’t worry though. I’ll protect you from those nasty ravens.

  5. Mags Corner

    November 27, 2013 at 6:04 pm

    That is quite a few ravens flying around up there sweet Bongo. We are sorry they didn’t understand what you were saying…they need to put on their listening ears. Those pictures are nice that your person took. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Bongo

      November 27, 2013 at 8:35 pm

      Thanks Chancy and Mumsy. Those ravens don’t seem very good at listening. All they want to do is make cawing noises – when they aren’t saying “Nevermore,” that is. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  6. eripanwkevin

    November 28, 2013 at 7:13 am

    Oh no….those ravens are very creepy……..I wonder what they were doing up there, too….hopefully they won’t come back again….

    • Bongo

      November 28, 2013 at 11:38 am

      Kevin, I think those ravens lied because every time we have a cloudy day they all hang out there and fly around. I don’t know where they go when the sun comes out because when it’s sunny there are usually only one or two ravens flying around.

  7. Kari

    November 28, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    I hope the skies clear up soon

    Stop on by for a visit

    • Bongo

      November 28, 2013 at 7:17 pm

      Kari, the skies cleared up. We had the most awesomely gorgeous day today.

  8. angelswhisper2011

    November 29, 2013 at 12:07 am

    From a distance I like ravens, Bongo…they make it much more cloudier than it is, but in this case, they give some extra dimension on the beautiful pictures 🙂 Pawkiss 🙂

    • Bongo

      November 29, 2013 at 9:20 pm

      Thanks Little Binky. At least those ravens are mostly flying way up high.

  9. dianeskitchentable

    December 2, 2013 at 5:44 pm

    I forgot what the sun looks like Bongo…rain and even snow. Not enough snow to have fun in but enough mud to get my feet wiped off every time I come in. I don’t like getting my feet wipes, do you?

    • Bongo

      December 2, 2013 at 11:15 pm

      Lola, I wish I could get just a little bit of snow to play in. We haven’t had any yet, but I guess I can’t complain. I haven’t had to have my feet wiped.

      • dianeskitchentable

        December 3, 2013 at 7:04 am

        It’s awful Bongo! I can wipe them myself on the rugs so why does Diane have to chase me around with a towel?

      • Bongo

        December 3, 2013 at 2:55 pm

        You’d think the rug would do just as good a job.

      • dianeskitchentable

        December 3, 2013 at 3:19 pm

        Well it does so I’m not sure what the problem is.


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