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The Best Way to End the Year

Bongo playing in the snow

Finally, my person is letting me post again.

I posed for so many pictures today that she didn’t know what else to do.

Anyway, this was the best way to end the year – and the only time all year I had snow to play in.

Bongo dragging a frisbee in the snow

One of my favorite things to do is drag a Frisbee through the snow.

Bongo looking for his frisbee in the snow

Now where did that Frisbee go?

Bongo in the snow with a frisbee in his mouth

Here it is!

I found it.

Gizmo peeking out the door

Hey Gizmo, come out here!

This is so much fun!

Bongo standing in the snow with a defiant look

Are you serious, Gizmo?

There is no way I’m coming back in the house.

Well, maybe – if I can go out the other door and head to my trails.

Bongo sniffing a snowman

Hey, who is this invading my front yard?

Looks like some kind of alien or something.

All I can say is, you’d better not be here when I get back –

 -or I’m turning you yellow.

Bongo sniffing a bush in the snow

Speaking of yellow, there’s got to be some yellow snow around here.

They tell me it carries the best messages.

Bongo sniffing another bush in the snow


There’s no yellow snow here either.

Agave plants covered in snow

These snow creatures must have eaten it all.

Bongo in his puddle that is almost covered in snow

Hey, what happened to my puddle?

It’s changed.

I guess not everybody likes snow the way I do.

I hope you pop out of it soon, puddle.

Bongo standing in the snow

Are you coming people?

Bongo on a snowy trail looking back

Come on!

Don’t worry about that puddle.

It’ll get over it.

Bongo waiting for his younger person to throw a snowball


Okay, throw the ball.

I’m ready.

Bongo watching his younger person with a snowball

I see that ball.

C’mon, throw it!

Bongo in the snow with a sad look

What do you mean, our walk is over?

Happy New Year everybody!


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Snow for a Snow Dog

Snow Covered YuccaIt snowed today. Almost all day. It finally stuck on the trees and bushes, but we never got much on the ground.

My person checked on her friends on Facebook and you know what she discovered? Her friends that live south of Tucson built a snowman today. And her my friends that live a few miles from us and at a much lower elevation – what’s that word mean again, person? – they live down the hill from us, built a snowman today.

I’m not asking for a snowman, but a snow dog would be nice. But we don’t even have enough snow on the ground to do that.

Bongo eating snow off of low hanging branches

I had to get my snow treats off the trees today.

I guess I shouldn’t complain about that. Those treats were at the perfect level. I didn’t have to bend over.

Bongo on a red trail in snow

Not enough snow for a snow dog here either. Maybe I could mix some mud into the snow. A red and white snow dog might look pretty cool.

Bongo on a rock with snow and puddles in the distance

Even my wash is looking pretty sad. I think there’s more puddles than snow down here.

And now it’s not even snowing any more. How am I ever going to build a snow dog if the snow stops coming down?

Thunder Mountain in snow

Hey! I think I just figured out what happened to all the snow. It got stuck on top of those big rocks.

I wonder how I could get those rocks to shake around a bit and send some of that snow flying this way.


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