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The Perfect Garden

Bongo digging with a Frisbee in his mouthThis is cool!

My person is not using her garden at all.

That means it’s mine now.

If my person doesn’t want to plant anything I will.





Bongo still digging with a Frisbee in his mouth

Just a little bit deeper.

I don’t understand why my person doesn’t want to use this garden.

It’s digging up way easier than normal.

Usually the dirt is hard as a rock and no fun to dig in at all.

This is great!

Bongo digging with the Frisbee in his hole

I think that will do it.

I’ll just plant my Frisbee right here.

Bongo laying his Frisbee in his hole

On second thought, maybe that’s not the right place.

I think I’ll move it a little.

I’ve got to get it in just the right spot for it to grow.

Bongo watching the Frisbee in the hole


Now I’ll just wait.

I should be seeing some new little Frisbees sprouting anytime.

Bongo has a disgusted look and the Frisbee is still in the hole

Something’s wrong here!

This isn’t right!

Not one little Frisbee has started sprouting yet.

Hey person, what did you do to your garden?

It’s all messed up.


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No Dogs Allowed

Bongo with a begging lookI am so sad. All this week my person has been hanging out at a place called Kingdom Rock.

She says there were castles and treats there, and lots of kids. I don’t know why she wouldn’t take me. I like treats and kids, and I’ve never been in a castle before.

I don’t care if dogs aren’t allowed at Kingdom Rock Vacation Bible School. I’m a dog that tells Bible stories, so there should be an exception made for me.


But here’s the worst part. I found out that there was a horse at Kingdom Rock. A horse named Duke.

Duke looking out a castle window

So how come horses are allowed to go to Vacation Bible School and dogs aren’t? That’s totally not fair.

I think I’m going to start a protest. Any dog friends want to join me?

But listen to this. Duke not only got to go to Vacation Bible School, he got to go out in the garden.

Duke in the garden

And if that’s not good enough, somebody took Duke to the pet store to get groomed.

Duke getting groomed

I don’t even get to go get groomed. That’s really not fair.

Oh, wait a minute. I’m not sure I want to get groomed. Do you get treats and loves when you get groomed?

But I don’t think those kids at Vacation Bible School care if Duke is groomed or not. They just care that he’s a horse.

And this is the final straw. Duke got to go somewhere that I’ve never been allowed to go – and hardly any of my dog friends have been allowed there either.

Duke at the grocery store

Would somebody please put this horse back in his stall?

Next year they’d better do a Vacation Bible School about me so I can go.

What? Next year’s Vacation Bible School is about weird animals?

Never mind. I guess I won’t be there.

I am not weird.


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Backyard Entertainment

Bongo looking into a trash bagI know it’s the middle of winter, but today was so nice that my person decided to hang out in the backyard for awhile. Something about the ground being moist and there were a few weeds left that she’d never gotten around to pulling.

I hope she’s not going to pull up all my tasty backyard treats.

My person tried to sneak out in the yard without me, but I would have none of that. She wasn’t going out that door unless I went out with her. Person, I promise I won’t jump the fence this time – really.

Since I’d made my promise I had to find something else fun to do. It didn’t take me long. Off in the corner of the yard lay an old ball.

But balls are only fun when they’re being tossed, and my person was acting too busy to play catch.


Bongo looking at a ball on a board

But I learned something a long time ago. Put the ball in the bag with the weeds and my person throws it back out.

Bongo looking at a ball in a bag full of weeds

Never mind the ball, person. I’m being barked at again.

Bongo heading for a hole in the fence

Hey person, you need a faster camera to keep up with me.

Bongo looking through the fence

Now where is that guy? I think I scared him away.

Guess I’ll go back to what I was doing.

Bongo sticking his head in the weed bag

Hey, I think my ball got buried.


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My Own Garden

Bongo Sniffing Sunflower SproutsStrange things keep showing up on my trails. I guess this is the time of year for strange plants. Most of the plants that have been popping up have been around here before. But these plants are new. And they’re right in the middle of my wash.

It looks like somebody planted a garden in my wash. I think I need to put my Detective Dog hat on. Wait, what’s this? There are still seeds around these plants. Hey, person, what kind of seeds are these?

Sunflower seeds? Hey, these are garden plants. Somebody’s starting a garden in my wash. I wonder what will come up next. Maybe I’ll be able to munch on carrots and peppers on my walks. I’d better make sure I take this route through the wash every day.

But who planted these here? It must be one of my secret admirers who knew I would come through and find this garden.

But who would do that? We don’t often see anyone else in this wash. Who would know to plant this garden here for me?

I think I’d better put my Detective hat on a little tighter. I really want to know the answer to this. I’m going to have to do some serious clue hunting.

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