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No Dogs Allowed

Bongo with a begging lookI am so sad. All this week my person has been hanging out at a place called Kingdom Rock.

She says there were castles and treats there, and lots of kids. I don’t know why she wouldn’t take me. I like treats and kids, and I’ve never been in a castle before.

I don’t care if dogs aren’t allowed at Kingdom Rock Vacation Bible School. I’m a dog that tells Bible stories, so there should be an exception made for me.


But here’s the worst part. I found out that there was a horse at Kingdom Rock. A horse named Duke.

Duke looking out a castle window

So how come horses are allowed to go to Vacation Bible School and dogs aren’t? That’s totally not fair.

I think I’m going to start a protest. Any dog friends want to join me?

But listen to this. Duke not only got to go to Vacation Bible School, he got to go out in the garden.

Duke in the garden

And if that’s not good enough, somebody took Duke to the pet store to get groomed.

Duke getting groomed

I don’t even get to go get groomed. That’s really not fair.

Oh, wait a minute. I’m not sure I want to get groomed. Do you get treats and loves when you get groomed?

But I don’t think those kids at Vacation Bible School care if Duke is groomed or not. They just care that he’s a horse.

And this is the final straw. Duke got to go somewhere that I’ve never been allowed to go – and hardly any of my dog friends have been allowed there either.

Duke at the grocery store

Would somebody please put this horse back in his stall?

Next year they’d better do a Vacation Bible School about me so I can go.

What? Next year’s Vacation Bible School is about weird animals?

Never mind. I guess I won’t be there.

I am not weird.


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Horses at Church

Painting of Horses on the ReservationMore horses person? Don’t you ever do paintings of dogs? What about painting one of me? I’m famous you know.

What? You’re no good at drawing dogs? Well, you’d better get some practice in person. I want a dog picture.

Okay, I’ll tell them about this picture. My person goes to this place where the horses are and leaves me behind. Usually I have to stay home with my younger person. I wish she’d take me along.

But person, you said there are horses and cows and lots of dogs running around where you go. Why can’t I go running around with all those dogs? I know those dogs would like me.

What? I wouldn’t be allowed to sleep inside with you? And you’re afraid I’d run after the coyotes? Coyotes are dogs, aren’t they? So what’s wrong with running after them?

Okay person, I’ll tell them where you go. These horses were outside of a church that my person sometimes visits to help the people out. She says that most of the time there are more animals around that church than people. It’s out in the middle of nowhere on the Navajo Reservation in Northern Arizona.

Hey, we live in Northern Arizona, person. Are we in the middle of nowhere?

My person says this church is way more isolated than we are. There are lots of dirt roads that you have to drive on to get there and there are no street signs so you have to go with someone who knows the way. At the church there is no running water and you have to go about a mile away to get it. The horses and cows go there to drink too. Can I go there to drink, person? What about those dogs? Do they drink there?

My person says the church has no electricity either and they have to use a generator. But she says what they do have are some great people and lots of them have become her friends.

Okay, there’s something I don’t get though. My person didn’t go there this week, but she says she is with some people who have been there with her. Okay person – who are you really with? And what are you doing? If you can’t come straight with me you’d better come home.


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