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Hurry on By

Indian PaintbrushI was so hoping that after the first day of spring no more flowers would show up.

But I was wrong.

Bunches of new flowers were on my trails today.

And of course my person had to stop and take pictures of all of them.

Like this Indian paintbrush.

This is the worst kind of flower, because it stands out wherever it is.


You can’t miss it, so I’ve got no chance of walking by quickly and hoping my person doesn’t see it.

But I discovered something today.

Something good.

Whenever my person stops to take flower pictures…

Bongo eating weeds near the indian paintbrush

I can usually find some tasty weeds nearby.

And if my person doesn’t want me eating weeds she’s got to stop taking pictures.

Pretty good plan, don’t you think?

Take this white flower for example.

White flower

I had to search a little harder for the weeds.

Bongo eating weeds under the bush of white flowers

But I found them.


Wait a minute.

Bongo and something white in the bushes

I don’t see any weeds around this strange flower.

What is this flower anyway?

I’ve never seen anything like it on my trails.

My person will want to take pictures of this for sure.

I’d better hurry her along.

Golf ball in the bushes

Maybe she won’t notice it.


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Curly Competition

Curly dry grassI thought I was safe this time of year.

No wildflowers are blooming, so my person isn’t getting her camera out every few minutes and making me wait while she takes pictures.

So I couldn’t understand why she pulled her camera out.

I mean, it’s the middle of winter – well, I think it is. The calendar says it is.

So what is there to take pictures of?

Except me, of course.

And I wasn’t doing anything spectacular at the time.

Nothing to take pictures of anyway.

And then my person gets up close and personal – with a weed.

I guess she’s pretty desperate.

She wants to take pictures so bad that she’s even willing to take pictures of weeds.

Maybe she should get another hobby.

I think I ought to help her along.

No, not with another hobby.

I don’t want her doing anything else that would take her attention from me.

No, I’m going to help her along by doing away with her subject matter.

Bongo eating curly tipped weeds

By eating it.


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Weed Pulling Traitor

cat lying in a yardSomething is terribly wrong with this picture.

And my person is a real traitor. I think I can even get Scratchy to stand with me on this.






Bongo cornering Scratchy under a desk

Well, maybe.

You see, my person said she was going out to pull weeds in the front yard.

And she wouldn’t let me come with her because there’s no fence in the front.

I would stay in the yard. Really. For a minute anyway.

So my person went out and left me in the house.

She didn’t bother to tell me she already had a helper.

Cat eating grass

And she let that cat eat my weeds.

I like weeds. I could have eaten all of them myself.

But that’s not even the worst part.

back of cat's head next to railroad tie

That cat looks awfully close to my person in that picture.

My person is only supposed to be close to me. No other animals allowed.

Okay Scratchy – maybe a little bit to you.

But not to that strange neighbor cat!

Oh dear! It’s a good thing I got hold of my person’s camera and checked her pictures out.

Cat on a lap

Is that cat sitting on my person’s lap?

This calls for measures of the strictest kind.

My person will no longer be allowed to pull weeds without my supervision.

And next time she goes out to pull some –

I’ve got a cat to chase.


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Puddle Palooza

Bongo checking out weedsSome of you might remember my puddle. The one that keeps disappearing. Running off, or whatever it does.

My puddle comes and goes and I never know what to expect.

Well, my puddle has been gone for a very long time now.

I asked my friends if they’d seen it, I put up Missing Puddle signs, and I even tried to get the police to put out an All Points Bulletin.

The police wouldn’t go for it. I don’t know why.

I’m still looking for my puddle. We haven’t had any rain here for a long time and it sure would be nice to have a puddle to splash in.

I wish I could convince my puddle to come back so I could do that.

Today I was wandering around where my puddle used to be, feeling kind of mopey because it was still missing, when I noticed something new.

Something had grown to take the place of my puddle.

It’s still not the same as having my puddle to splash in, but I started checking this out.

Weeds! Tasty weeds!

If I can’t have my puddle, at least I have something to munch on.

But what if my puddle realizes its spot was taken over and it never comes back.

Okay weeds, if you don’t move yourselves I’m going to eat you.

Bongo munching on weeds

A few more bites and my puddle can return.


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Useless Yellow Flowers

Bongo sniffing yellow flowersI don’t know what’s so special about these flowers. They don’t even smell good. No one’s left any messages here.







Check this out.

Bongo getting into weeds near yellow flowers

See these weeds here? These dried up weeds? They’re much more appetizing that any old yellow flowers.

Why don’t you take some pictures of these, person? I could hang them on the wall near my bed and look at them when I’m not on my trails.

I can’t believe it! There she goes right back to those flowers. No matter how much I tell her what’s important, she still doesn’t get it.

I think I’m about to give up on people. They like all the strangest things, and they don’t seem to care about any of the good things in life.

Person, if you can’t take pictures of any of the right stuff just put your camera away.

Yellow Flowers

See, she did it anyway. Total disrespect. She just won’t listen to me.

Now put your camera away, person.

You found a what?

Wait a minute. What? What?

Someone’s trying to take over my yellow flowers?

Butterfly on yellow flowers

How dare that butterfly hang around here?

You did send that butterfly away, didn’t you person?

Those yellow flowers are mine.


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Wordless Week

I don’t believe it! My person has dumped me off in the dog hotel again and she said she doesn’t even have time to be my secretary while she’s gone. I can’t write about my adventures or anything. This will be a wordless week for sure.

a stalk of grass going to seed

My person gets so crazy with her camera that she even takes pictures of weeds.

Bongo eating weeds

I pushed my way in front of the camera so I could eat those things.


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Backyard Entertainment

Bongo looking into a trash bagI know it’s the middle of winter, but today was so nice that my person decided to hang out in the backyard for awhile. Something about the ground being moist and there were a few weeds left that she’d never gotten around to pulling.

I hope she’s not going to pull up all my tasty backyard treats.

My person tried to sneak out in the yard without me, but I would have none of that. She wasn’t going out that door unless I went out with her. Person, I promise I won’t jump the fence this time – really.

Since I’d made my promise I had to find something else fun to do. It didn’t take me long. Off in the corner of the yard lay an old ball.

But balls are only fun when they’re being tossed, and my person was acting too busy to play catch.


Bongo looking at a ball on a board

But I learned something a long time ago. Put the ball in the bag with the weeds and my person throws it back out.

Bongo looking at a ball in a bag full of weeds

Never mind the ball, person. I’m being barked at again.

Bongo heading for a hole in the fence

Hey person, you need a faster camera to keep up with me.

Bongo looking through the fence

Now where is that guy? I think I scared him away.

Guess I’ll go back to what I was doing.

Bongo sticking his head in the weed bag

Hey, I think my ball got buried.


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Cactus Maintenance

Bongo eating weeds near cactusHey person, don’t worry. This cactus isn’t going to attack me.

Yeah, I know my ear is getting kind of close to it. But believe me, it’s not going to attack.

I’ve got to clear out all these weeds in front of it. This cactus is really special and it doesn’t want to be covered up.

Just a little bit longer, person. You can go ahead and go if you want. Don’t worry, I’ll catch up with you.

Fine, you can wait here if you want, but I’m not quite done. Just a few more bites.

Okay, I’m just about finished.

See, I told you this cactus wouldn’t hurt me. Can’t you see? It loves me.

Prickly Pear Heart Shaped Cactus


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She’s Home!

Bongo Eating WeedsBoy was my person gone a long time today, so when she finally got home I was really excited to see her. I was excited because I would finally get my dinner.

She must have realized she’d forgotten to leave my bag of food out for me because the first thing she did was fill my dish. Oh, and Scratchy’s too. I’m not sure why he needed to be fed. He never even eats everything my person gives him and I have to finish it off for him.

I didn’t bother to tell my person that a friend had stopped by and let me out awhile ago. I let her think that I seriously needed to go out. She thinks I was overly excited when she said the word “outside” and I ran into a table. I did that on purpose. I just wanted her to think it was an accident.

After I came back in I needed to go out again. But I got distracted eating all the weeds – I mean, I was doing my person a favor by helping her get rid of the weeds in the yard – and my person made me go back in the house. Which meant I needed to go out again – to take care of business. And get rid of more weeds. I had to keep on my person before I could convince her that I really did need to go out.

I think I’d better stop helping my person with the yard work though. She might think I like yard work better than taking her on walks. And the weeds on my trails taste better.

Bongo Eating Weeds

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