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Hurry on By

Indian PaintbrushI was so hoping that after the first day of spring no more flowers would show up.

But I was wrong.

Bunches of new flowers were on my trails today.

And of course my person had to stop and take pictures of all of them.

Like this Indian paintbrush.

This is the worst kind of flower, because it stands out wherever it is.


You can’t miss it, so I’ve got no chance of walking by quickly and hoping my person doesn’t see it.

But I discovered something today.

Something good.

Whenever my person stops to take flower pictures…

Bongo eating weeds near the indian paintbrush

I can usually find some tasty weeds nearby.

And if my person doesn’t want me eating weeds she’s got to stop taking pictures.

Pretty good plan, don’t you think?

Take this white flower for example.

White flower

I had to search a little harder for the weeds.

Bongo eating weeds under the bush of white flowers

But I found them.


Wait a minute.

Bongo and something white in the bushes

I don’t see any weeds around this strange flower.

What is this flower anyway?

I’ve never seen anything like it on my trails.

My person will want to take pictures of this for sure.

I’d better hurry her along.

Golf ball in the bushes

Maybe she won’t notice it.


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Flower Power

Indian Paintbrush hiding under blooming manzanita bushIt’s that time of year again. When my person is the slowest hiker in the world because all she seems to do is take out her camera.

And when I think she’s finished and we can start moving, she takes it out again.

There are some flowers that bloom around here called Indian Paintbrush. They’re pretty hard to miss when you walk by.

I’ve been lucky though. None of them grow on the trails we usually walk on, and I can usually distract my person when we walk by the ones near our trail so she doesn’t notice them.

But you know what those Indian Paintbrushes did?

They smuggled a couple of them right onto my trail and hid them under a Manzanita bush. But even hidden they’re hard to miss because of their bright color.

And my person noticed them.

And then she noticed that those other ones were in bloom. Those ones I told you about that she usually doesn’t notice.

So she had to go off of our trail and get her camera out. And of course she dragged me with her.

Indian Paintbrush

Indian Paintbrush in bloom

But I discovered something about those flowers.

The bushes around those flowers – the ones they tried to hide those paintbrushes under – have some really good smells in them.

Bongo with his nose in a manzanita bush

I hope my person stays here and takes pictures for a long time.


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Flower Unseason


Bongo with Indian PaintbrushI’m working on another mystery, and as usual, this one has to do with my trails. You see, a couple of days ago my person and I were trekking through a part of my trails that we don’t usually go on, and we saw something strange.

We saw flowers.

That wouldn’t be so unusual in itself, except that it isn’t flower season anymore. Of course my person had to stop and take pictures of them. At least there were some weeds to munch on next to the flowers. Otherwise I would have been upset about having to wait while my person took pictures – again.

Bongo eating weeds near Indian Paintbrush

But I’m still working on that mystery. Why were those flowers there at the wrong time of year? There’s something really suspicious going on here.

Wait! Something’s coming to me. When we saw those flowers, weren’t we on our way to see the artists who were painting on my trails?

That’s why we saw those flowers – because we went a different way so we could get to where they were.

And what were those long sticks called that those artists were using?

That’s it! Paint brushes.

And what are those flowers called?

Yup. Indian Paintbrush.

Indian Paintbrush

I’ve got it! I’ve solved the mystery.

Those artists left those flowers there. They were painting pictures of red rocks and I bet that since they were in Sedona they wanted to use Sedona paintbrushes. But then when they got all the red paint they needed, they left those Indian paintbrushes in the ground.

Woo woo! Detective Dog figures it out again.

Indian Paintbrush


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Indian Paintbrush

Indian PaintbrushHey person, where are we going? This isn’t the way we usually go.

You want to what? Take a picture of those things? What did you say they were?

You mean Indians used those to paint with? They don’t look anything like the paintbrushes you use.

What? They’re called Indian Paintbrush, but Indians don’t really paint with them? That doesn’t make sense. Why would they do that?

Wait a minute. You’re trying to distract me, aren’t you? You’re trying to make me forget that open suitcase I saw.

Bongo Looking in a Suitcase

Where are you going, person? Do I have to go to the Dog Hotel? Are you going to take me with you this time?

What? You’re going to Indiana? Are you going to paint while you’re there? You need to take some of these flowers if you do.

You know why. These are Indiana Paintbrushes. I bet you could make some really pretty pictures with them.

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