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Curly Competition

Curly dry grassI thought I was safe this time of year.

No wildflowers are blooming, so my person isn’t getting her camera out every few minutes and making me wait while she takes pictures.

So I couldn’t understand why she pulled her camera out.

I mean, it’s the middle of winter – well, I think it is. The calendar says it is.

So what is there to take pictures of?

Except me, of course.

And I wasn’t doing anything spectacular at the time.

Nothing to take pictures of anyway.

And then my person gets up close and personal – with a weed.

I guess she’s pretty desperate.

She wants to take pictures so bad that she’s even willing to take pictures of weeds.

Maybe she should get another hobby.

I think I ought to help her along.

No, not with another hobby.

I don’t want her doing anything else that would take her attention from me.

No, I’m going to help her along by doing away with her subject matter.

Bongo eating curly tipped weeds

By eating it.


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