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A New Garden

Sunflowers amid a collection of rocksAs I walked along on my trails minding my own business I noticed something new.

It was in a little area where people sometimes hang out.

The place where people stack rocks up into high piles.

Only I guess they got tired of stacking rocks.

Now they’ve decided to plant a garden.





I decided to check it out.

Bongo behind the sunflowers

Those sunflowers are tall and easy to see.

But maybe there’s more garden around here.

Maybe someone planted some vegetables.

Some really tasty vegetables.

I like vegetables.

I’m drooling just thinking about it.


Wait. This isn’t fair.

It’s torture to start drooling and find nothing tasty to satisfy that drool.

Bongo walking away from the flowers

There’s nothing here person.

Let’s go home.

I know you’ve got vegetables treats for me there.


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My Own Garden

Bongo Sniffing Sunflower SproutsStrange things keep showing up on my trails. I guess this is the time of year for strange plants. Most of the plants that have been popping up have been around here before. But these plants are new. And they’re right in the middle of my wash.

It looks like somebody planted a garden in my wash. I think I need to put my Detective Dog hat on. Wait, what’s this? There are still seeds around these plants. Hey, person, what kind of seeds are these?

Sunflower seeds? Hey, these are garden plants. Somebody’s starting a garden in my wash. I wonder what will come up next. Maybe I’ll be able to munch on carrots and peppers on my walks. I’d better make sure I take this route through the wash every day.

But who planted these here? It must be one of my secret admirers who knew I would come through and find this garden.

But who would do that? We don’t often see anyone else in this wash. Who would know to plant this garden here for me?

I think I’d better put my Detective hat on a little tighter. I really want to know the answer to this. I’m going to have to do some serious clue hunting.

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