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Blooming Yucca

Bongo looking at a yucca plantFor some reason there seem to be a lot of yucca plants blooming on my trails this year.

Usually I’m lucky to see one of two of them.

But this year they’re blooming all over the place.






Look, here’s another one.

Yucca plant beginning to bloom

This one’s just starting out.

But here’s one that’s halfway there.

Yucca plant in partial bloom

And of course my person has to stop and take pictures of all of them.

I think I need to hide her camera.

Here she goes. Stopping again.

Yucca plant in bloom

Yucca plant in bloom

But sometimes there are advantages to having my person stop at all the blooming yucca plants.

Bongo sniffing below a yucca plant

Sometimes they come with good messages.

But then again, maybe it’s not so good having my person always taking pictures.

Bongo near a yucca plant in bloom

Does my butt look big in this picture?


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Bongo Keep Away

Bongo keeping his distance in the yardMy person has been full of mischief lately.

Every time she leaves the house she makes me go in dog jail.

Sometimes when she just leaves the room I have to go in dog jail.

Well, I’m catching on to her.

I’ve got her all figured out.

Whenever she lets me out and I didn’t ask to go out, and it’s not bedtime, it means dog jail is coming next.


So when she lets me out – I stay out.

There’s no dog jail in the yard.

And she won’t leave me alone in the yard because then I pull more mischief.

I jump the fence and visit the neighbors.

She used to lure me in with treats, but I know better now.

Nope. No dog jail for me.

Bongo running through the garden area

Just try to catch me.

I let her get close, but then…

Bongo squeezing between a yucca plant and the fence

I squeeze past the yucca.

She won’t go this way. These yucca plants are pokey.

Bongo keeping his distance with a frisbee in his mouth

Hey person, I’ve got the Frisbee.

Come and get it!

Bongo running past the yucca the other way

Nope. No dog jail for me today.

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Trekking with Toby

Toby and Bongo on the TrailWhat perfect timing!

Today when I headed out my front door to go for a walk on my trails Toby, my neighbor dog was heading out his front door too. To go for a walk on my trails.

Toby’s my friend so I always let him use my trails, but we don’t often use them at the same time. Today would be a special treat.

Toby always smells really good so I give him a few sniffs every time we meet.


Bongo and Toby

Then off we headed to the trails.

We were walking along enjoying each other’s company and checking out a smell or two, when I looked back (I’m usually in the lead) and Toby was going the wrong way.

Toby was taking the trail that headed back home!

Toby, wait! We’ve barely gotten started.

Come back Toby! There are more trails to explore. More adventures to be had.

More smells to sniff.

Toby missed it all. I had to trek on the trails without him.

And what’s more disappointing is that I had hoped he could help me with my Detective Dog work – you know, kind of like Dr. Watson was to Sherlock Holmes.

Because I’ve got another mystery to solve.

I’ve got to figure out what this giant asparagus is doing poking out of this spiky ball.

Yucca with a shoot coming out

Maybe I should go bark at Toby’s door.


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The Snake that Ate Too Much

Yucca shootAwhile back I was really worried about the big snake in my yard. I was afraid that it was going to reach out and get me when I wasn’t looking.

Well, I think that snake got something, but I’m not sure what. Whatever it was, that snake didn’t know when to quit. It ate and ate and it got so full it couldn’t even stand up anymore.






Look what happened to it.

Fallen Yucca Stalk

And there were other snakes too.

Yuccas in Bloom

There must have been some really good snake food because whatever it was, they all ate it.

I think it might have been popcorn they ate, and when they were hanging out in the sun it popped inside them.

Whatever it was, I’m glad they ate it because now they’re so heavy that they’ll never be able to get me. I can move faster than all of them.

But I think I learned something from this. No more popcorn for me. Can you imagine what I’d look like if it popped inside me?

Nope. I’m leaving it out for snake bait.

Yucca and Moon

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Yucca Yellow Flowers

Yucca with Yellow FlowersNothing exciting happened today. I don’t know what I’m going to write about. All I saw was this darn yucca plant with yellow flowers in it.

My friend Rumpy is having a poetry day on Friday and I’ve been trying to think what I should write – so maybe I’ll get some poetry practice in now. I’ve got to fill up the space with something. So here goes.


Yucca Yellow Flowers

 Last year I yearned for adventure

Much more than I found in my yard

Scratchy offered me yarn and a yo-yo

and I yelped when I bit it too hard


My younger person served me some yogurt

and yummy it turned out to be

but I let out a yap when he didn’t

say yes to my need to be free


Yesterday I ran for my trails

Off yonder I started to cower

And I yelled when I felt the sharp poke of

a yucca with yellow flowers


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Snake Alert

Yucca shootThere’s a snake in my yard! It’s getting bigger by the day. I think an invisible snake charmer is calling it out of my yucca plant.

Maybe it’s good that it’s coming out of the plant. At least I know where it is. That would be terrible if I happened to walk by that yucca plant, you know, getting ready to do my business or something – and that snake jumped out at me.

Did you jump when I said that? I’m getting scared just thinking about it.

The worst thing is that a second snake is starting to come out of that plant now. How many more snakes might be hiding in there? I hope that invisible snake charmer gets busy and calls all of them out.

In the meantime, I think my person is going to have to take me for extra walks on my trails instead of letting me out in the yard. I hardly ever see snakes on my trails.

Hey person, I don’t think you want to take a chance that that snake might get me. I don’t care if it’s dark. I think you’d better take me out on my trails right now.


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Where to Go?

Yuccas are Mean

Yuccas are Mean

A manly dog needs something to lift his leg against. A bush, a tree, a fire hydrant – it doesn’t really matter what it is, but he’s gotta have something. My back yard used to have some plants growing in it that weren’t quite bushes, but I could pretend. They were close enough to being bushes that I could do my business on them and feel good about it. But my person cut them down and took them away.

You know what I have left? Yucca plants. You know what a yucca is? It’s a bush shaped thing full of pointy things that are a cross between a leaf and a spear. Every time I get near one of those yucca plants I get poked. I move a little bit, and get poked again. When you gotta go now it’s a real challenge to find a position where you can lift your leg without getting poked. It usually takes at least three or four tries. Ouch! I hope my person brings back those bushes.



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