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Poetry is Necessary

Bongo checking out a parked bikeI headed to my trails and found a bike parked there. This doesn’t happen very often.

Most of the bikes that come to my trails go on my trails.

But this bike is different – in more ways than one.

I see lots of people put stickers on their cars, but I don’t usually see them on bikes.

Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one on a bike on my trails before.

But this bike must be special.

It’s a poetry bike.

"Poetry is Necessary" sticker on bike

This bike says poetry is necessary.

Does that mean I have to write poetry?

Is it as necessary as eating, or sleeping, or going on walks on my trails?

Okay, I guess I’ll write a poem.


Bikes that write poetry

Are found to be rare

But a dog that writes poems

Can be worse than a bear


Wait a minute! What happened there?

Those words just came out. They’re not what I wanted to say.

That poetry writing took right over and started writing its own words.

Maybe I shouldn’t be writing poetry.

But I can’t stop yet. I’ve got to get that bear first.


I chased a bear

He’s no longer there

He ran over the hill

And I’m not sure to where


Take that you mean old bear.

And don’t come back either.


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Ode to a Mushroom

Bongo following a stream after a rainMushrooms don’t grow much on my trails.

They need the right combination of warmth and water, and that doesn’t happen very often.

So far I’ve found one big mushroom on my street and a few little ones on my trails.

Then finally, it showed up.

It really came.

One big trail mushroom. Only one.

That poor mushroom had a very short life so I thought I’d write something special for it.

I call it…

Ode to a Mushroom

Popping out of the ground like a puffy marshmallow

Puffy mushroom on a stem

Creating a cover like a china hat

Mushroom shaped like a china hat

Dropping over dead.

Upside down mushroom

Wasn’t that great?

Do you think I’ll be the next poet laureate?

P.S. I didn’t kill that mushroom. Really I didn’t.


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World Poetry Day

Bongo with a Poetry Dog signToday is World Poetry Day. It’s a day to appreciate and support poets and poetry. I’m not sure why me – a dog – is telling you this, except my person likes poetry and she told me I had to.

Okay person, I told them. Can I go back to writing about my adventures now?

What? You want me to write a poem?

But I’m just a dog. I don’t write poetry.

I did? I wrote a poem once?

Oh yeah. But that was for a special occasion. That was my Gotcha Day.

Can we go out on my trails now? I want to have more adventures to write about.

You’re not going to let me go on my trails until I write a poem? No fair!

Okay, here goes.


Bongo’s Poem

I’m a ball catching slobbery dog

Who lives with a cat and a frog

I love walks on my trail

and I never will fail

to share all my fun on my blog


Okay person, there it is. Can we go for a walk now? I need some fun to share on my blog.


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Yucca Yellow Flowers

Yucca with Yellow FlowersNothing exciting happened today. I don’t know what I’m going to write about. All I saw was this darn yucca plant with yellow flowers in it.

My friend Rumpy is having a poetry day on Friday and I’ve been trying to think what I should write – so maybe I’ll get some poetry practice in now. I’ve got to fill up the space with something. So here goes.


Yucca Yellow Flowers

 Last year I yearned for adventure

Much more than I found in my yard

Scratchy offered me yarn and a yo-yo

and I yelped when I bit it too hard


My younger person served me some yogurt

and yummy it turned out to be

but I let out a yap when he didn’t

say yes to my need to be free


Yesterday I ran for my trails

Off yonder I started to cower

And I yelled when I felt the sharp poke of

a yucca with yellow flowers


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Gotcha Day

Bongo with his new toy

My New Gotcha Day Toy

Woo hoo! Today is my Gotcha Day. I first learned about Gotcha Days when my friend Rumpy celebrated his. All these years I haven’t been able to celebrate my birthday because my people don’t know when it is. Now I get to celebrate Gotcha Day instead – the day my people took me home with them. I even got a new toy and my people promised me some more goodies later.

Since it’s a special day I thought I’d post something a little different. Rumpy is good at encouraging his friends to write poems and I posted this one on his blog on his Gotcha Day. It seems like the thing to do to post it here today.

Bongo’s Gotcha Day

I like to run

I run for fun

But it really got me in trouble

They locked me away

For more than a day

It kind of burst my bubble


Dog jail’s no good

I don’t like the food

And other dogs barking all night

I’m stuck here for sure

My brain is a blur

To live like this is such a fright


But they came, yes they came

And they tossed me a ball

Then they left just as fast

One more ball – Is that all?


The next day I saw them

My leash they did get

They took me and told me

I’d be their new pet


At first I was scared

When I saw my new home

The cat didn’t like me

And the yard I did roam


But now I’m adjusted

I’m happy to say

Especially when someone

Is willing to play


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