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World Poetry Day

Bongo with a Poetry Dog signToday is World Poetry Day. It’s a day to appreciate and support poets and poetry. I’m not sure why me – a dog – is telling you this, except my person likes poetry and she told me I had to.

Okay person, I told them. Can I go back to writing about my adventures now?

What? You want me to write a poem?

But I’m just a dog. I don’t write poetry.

I did? I wrote a poem once?

Oh yeah. But that was for a special occasion. That was my Gotcha Day.

Can we go out on my trails now? I want to have more adventures to write about.

You’re not going to let me go on my trails until I write a poem? No fair!

Okay, here goes.


Bongo’s Poem

I’m a ball catching slobbery dog

Who lives with a cat and a frog

I love walks on my trail

and I never will fail

to share all my fun on my blog


Okay person, there it is. Can we go for a walk now? I need some fun to share on my blog.


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