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Poetry is Necessary

Bongo checking out a parked bikeI headed to my trails and found a bike parked there. This doesn’t happen very often.

Most of the bikes that come to my trails go on my trails.

But this bike is different – in more ways than one.

I see lots of people put stickers on their cars, but I don’t usually see them on bikes.

Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one on a bike on my trails before.

But this bike must be special.

It’s a poetry bike.

"Poetry is Necessary" sticker on bike

This bike says poetry is necessary.

Does that mean I have to write poetry?

Is it as necessary as eating, or sleeping, or going on walks on my trails?

Okay, I guess I’ll write a poem.


Bikes that write poetry

Are found to be rare

But a dog that writes poems

Can be worse than a bear


Wait a minute! What happened there?

Those words just came out. They’re not what I wanted to say.

That poetry writing took right over and started writing its own words.

Maybe I shouldn’t be writing poetry.

But I can’t stop yet. I’ve got to get that bear first.


I chased a bear

He’s no longer there

He ran over the hill

And I’m not sure to where


Take that you mean old bear.

And don’t come back either.


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Hazardous Trails

Bike Rider on RocksMy person is trying to tell me that my message board really is a bike rack and the bike that was stuck in it really was supposed to be there. But I don’t think so. And you know why?

Because I keep seeing bikes on my trails. If people were supposed to stick their bikes in my message board then why would they still be taking them on my trails?

Today we saw a guy who maybe should have left his bike in my message board. He rolled down a hill and up a ledge full of jutting rocks. He made it up, but when his friends couldn’t do the same thing he went back to show them how.

Well this time he didn’t make it and he got a flat tire instead.

All because he didn’t leave his bike in my message board.

Maybe I should leave a new message on my message board.

Hazardous Trails Sign on Bike Rack


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Messed up Message

Bike in Bike RackI was heading back from my trails today and getting ready to check for  messages on my message board, and leave a new message for my trail dog friends when I noticed something.

Somebody had left their bike in my message board. I’m not sure why they would do such a thing. I mean, what would happen if a message was left and part of it got on that bike?

When that bike was taken away again, part of the message would be gone. How can you read part of a message? You might not get all the information – or even worse yet, you may think you have all the information and get the wrong message altogether.

What if one of my trail dog friends gets mad at me because he misunderstood my message? All because part of it was missing.

Or what if I miss meeting up with one of my friends because I missed part of a message and turned down the wrong trail? And then maybe my friend would be mad at me because I didn’t show up.

This is serious. I’ve got to do something before all of my trail dog friends get mad at me.

Obviously that person with the bike doesn’t read. I guess I’d better leave a message with those funny symbols that people seem to understand.

No Bikes Sign on Bike Rack


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