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Mischievous Cat

Scratchy sleeping on a toy bearScratchy, the cat I live with doesn’t have his own blog because his life if boring.

He just hangs around the house.

No adventures. Nothing.

But lately Scratchy has been getting into so much mischief.

So much that I can’t wait for the Monday Mischief blog hop and post.

It would be way too long of a post.


You know what Scratchy did this morning?

You can kind of get an idea from the picture of him.

You see that thing he’s sleeping on.

Well, that’s my squeaky bear.

First Scratchy took over my old bed, and now he thinks he can steal my squeaky bear too.

Scratchy, you’d better think twice about stealing my bear because if you don’t give it back I’m locking you in dog cat jail.

Scratchy alone in the kennel

Alright Scratchy.

Here I come!

Give me back my bear now or you’re in for it.

Scratchy on the cabinets

Fine, go up there.

I guess you can’t do much mischief on top of the cabinets.

Bongo with his bear

 At least I got my bear back.


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Poetry is Necessary

Bongo checking out a parked bikeI headed to my trails and found a bike parked there. This doesn’t happen very often.

Most of the bikes that come to my trails go on my trails.

But this bike is different – in more ways than one.

I see lots of people put stickers on their cars, but I don’t usually see them on bikes.

Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one on a bike on my trails before.

But this bike must be special.

It’s a poetry bike.

"Poetry is Necessary" sticker on bike

This bike says poetry is necessary.

Does that mean I have to write poetry?

Is it as necessary as eating, or sleeping, or going on walks on my trails?

Okay, I guess I’ll write a poem.


Bikes that write poetry

Are found to be rare

But a dog that writes poems

Can be worse than a bear


Wait a minute! What happened there?

Those words just came out. They’re not what I wanted to say.

That poetry writing took right over and started writing its own words.

Maybe I shouldn’t be writing poetry.

But I can’t stop yet. I’ve got to get that bear first.


I chased a bear

He’s no longer there

He ran over the hill

And I’m not sure to where


Take that you mean old bear.

And don’t come back either.


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Mischief: Week Two

Bongo with a tennis ball in his mouthThis is the second week in a row that I’ve had to post mischief about my people.

I don’t know what such a perfect dog is doing with such mischievous people.

I mean, how do I deserve this?

I guess I’d better tell you what happened.

First, my person left early in the morning.

I didn’t worry too much.

I figured she’d be back soon and take me for a walk on my trails.

Well, she came back all right.

And you know what she did?

She picked up my younger person and they both left in her car.

Without me.

All I got was a little bathroom break in the backyard.

And when they got back home a long time later – I snuck a peek while my person put pictures on her my computer from that new camera of hers. You know, the one that she takes walks with and leaves me at home.

And I couldn’t believe what I saw.

Black bear

My people went and hung out with bears!

Brown bear with paws crossed

They went to a place called Bearizona – without me.

But that wasn’t the worst of it.

I can see maybe hanging out with bears for an afternoon.

But what else they did really makes me feel dejected.

Chicken with wild head feathers

They hung out with chickens.

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Toss the Bear

Toy bear in front of the washing machineI found my person in the laundry room and I thought I’d let her have some fun so she didn’t have to work so hard in there. So I got my toy bear and dropped in down in front of her. She was supposed to pick it up and toss it to me so I could catch it. But you know what she did?

I can’t believe she did this. She knows how to play the game. She knows I like to catch my toys. But instead of tossing it to me she took all the guts out of it. Help! My person is killing my bear. I want my bear back. Give it to me now!





Toy bear missing insides

And then, to make things even worse, she tossed my bear in the washer. Now my bear is not only gutless, but it’s going to drown!

Bear in Washer

This was really bad. I fretted and worried about my poor bear the whole time I heard that washer going round and round. My poor bear. I can’t even imagine what it was going through.

That washer finally stopped and my person got my bear out of there. But she wouldn’t give it to me right away. She did something to it first. She wouldn’t let me see what she was doing.

Finally, my person tossed my bear to me.

It’s about time person. I wanted you to do that a long time ago.

Bongo and Squeaky Bear

Hey, my bear’s talking back to me. My bear hasn’t been able to talk for a long time. He’s making that squeaky sound that I love.

Hey person, I’ve got a few more toys that want a ride around in that washing machine.

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