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Worst Mischief Ever

Bongo looking at toy frog in dog jailScratchy, the cat I live with has really been full of mischief lately and I was about to post more of the mischief he’s been pulling.

But I had to change things around.

You see, over the weekend my younger person’s friend came over and he was so full of mischief that he deserves star billing.

He locked my frog in dog jail – and then to make it even worse, he locked himself in there with the frog.


But no one can hold mischief over me for long.

Bongo in dog jail with his frog

I rescued the frog.

Bongo in his kennel chewing on his frog

Poor frog. Did they hurt you?

I’d better remove my frog from dog jail.

Bongo with his frog outside dog jail

Nobody’s locking up my frog again.


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Hidden Presents

Dog toy inside a mailboxThis is too good! I’m really beginning to like Christmas more and more.

When my person and I headed out for our walk today there was a package at our front door. I didn’t really think much of it. It was kind of an annoyance because I had to wait while my person put the package inside the house.

Then we went out walking. It was an ordinary kind of walk. Nothing special happened that I could write about for my blog, and then we headed back home.

My person decided we needed to check the mailbox before going into the house. We have to walk right by my neighbor dog Toby’s house to do that and I wanted to stop and say hi.

No such luck. My person has a one track mind and she was headed straight for that mailbox.

She opened the mailbox while I sat very quietly next to the post that holds it up in the air. And she said there was something inside it for me.

What? What? I can’t see anything. That mailbox is way too high for me.

Then I had to wait while my person took pictures of whatever that thing in the mailbox was.

But finally, she gave it to me. A squeaky toy just for me! Somebody loves me. Woo woo!

Bongo with Toy

Then we went back in the house and my person opened that other package. Remember that one? The annoying one?

The package was from my person’s sister and there was a present inside for me from my cousin dogs. And you know what my person did?

She hid it from me. She hid my present and the other ones too. Even the ones that smelled good.

So you know what I did?

I hid my new mailbox toy from my person.

That’ll teach her.

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Toss the Bear

Toy bear in front of the washing machineI found my person in the laundry room and I thought I’d let her have some fun so she didn’t have to work so hard in there. So I got my toy bear and dropped in down in front of her. She was supposed to pick it up and toss it to me so I could catch it. But you know what she did?

I can’t believe she did this. She knows how to play the game. She knows I like to catch my toys. But instead of tossing it to me she took all the guts out of it. Help! My person is killing my bear. I want my bear back. Give it to me now!





Toy bear missing insides

And then, to make things even worse, she tossed my bear in the washer. Now my bear is not only gutless, but it’s going to drown!

Bear in Washer

This was really bad. I fretted and worried about my poor bear the whole time I heard that washer going round and round. My poor bear. I can’t even imagine what it was going through.

That washer finally stopped and my person got my bear out of there. But she wouldn’t give it to me right away. She did something to it first. She wouldn’t let me see what she was doing.

Finally, my person tossed my bear to me.

It’s about time person. I wanted you to do that a long time ago.

Bongo and Squeaky Bear

Hey, my bear’s talking back to me. My bear hasn’t been able to talk for a long time. He’s making that squeaky sound that I love.

Hey person, I’ve got a few more toys that want a ride around in that washing machine.

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