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Christmas Cheer!

Sedona Dog Choir

I’ve been so busy singing along that I got late with my greeting.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Woo woo!


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Thanks for the Cookies

Bongo watching a sack of Christmas cookies on the floorMy person says it’s polite to write thank you notes for the presents I get.

When it comes to cookies I’d rather eat them than write notes.

But my person says I’ve got to do it.

I could probably write the note with my slobber.

If I can’t get to these cookies soon I’m not going to have any left though.

My friend and neighbor dog Toby gave me these cookies for Christmas.

Oh yeah, I guess I kind of stretched the truth a little a couple days ago when I said I had a horrible Christmas, because I did get treats.

So here goes my thank you note:


Dear Toby,

Thank you so much for the Christmas cookies you gave me.

They’re really good.

I would have eaten all of them by now, but my person won’t let me.

My Christmas would have been really bad if I hadn’t gotten these treats from you, but any day with treats is always the best.

Oh, and Toby…

Bongo looking at Christmas cookies

I’m almost out of cookies.

Do you think you could bring me some more?


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The Worst Christmas Ever!

Bongo in his dog jail on his new bedI hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I didn’t. I had the worst Christmas ever!

Look at what I got. This thing I’m sitting on.

I got a new bed for my dog jail.

Nothing like sprucing up your jail.

I would rather have had something taken away than something new for my dog jail.

Like maybe the locks on my dog jail door. I could easily do without those.

But that wasn’t all that happened to me on Christmas.

I was tormented by cats besides.


First Scratchy tried to steal all my presents.

Scratchy on the floor with presents

Scratchy, those are my presents!

Then my younger person ignored me because he was reading a book about a cat.

Younger person reading Grumpy Cat book

He’s not even reading about a fun, playful cat. He’s reading about Grumpy Cat.

Fine. I’ll grump on his Christmas.

But to make things even worse I had to stop chewing on my new antler to pose for a picture.

Bongo with his antler between his legs

Well, at least I did get a frog for Christmas.

Bongo looking at a toy frog

A frog and an antler.

Bongo with his frog and his antler

But wait a minute.

Where’s my treats?

Bongo with  a longing look

I thought I was getting treats for Christmas.

Bongo trying to get a treat out of a ball

Do you believe it!?

I have to dig my treats out of this ball.

I hope you all had a better Christmas than I did.


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Merry Christmas!

Bongo in a Santa hat


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Flames on My Trails

Manzanita bush with sunlight shining through loose barkThis is terrible!

Someone is trying to burn down my trails.

I walked around a corner and found this Manzanita bush on fire.

What am I going to do?

My puddle is a long ways away and there’s no other water around to put this fire out with.

I couldn’t bear it if my trails burned down.

How would I have any adventures if there was nothing left but black char?

Maybe if I blow on it hard enough and kick up enough dirt the fire will go out.


Manzanita bush with sunlight shining through loose bark

Oh no! There’s more fire here.

I’ll never be able to get it all out in time.

Run for it!

Call 911!

Do you think they have a fire truck that’s skinny enough to drive down my trails?

Manzanita bush with sunlight shining through loose bark

Hey, wait a minute.

These bushes are on fire but they’re not burning up.

This is kind of like the burning bush that Moses saw.

Maybe God lit this fire to remind us of Christmas.

You know, Jesus being born and all that?

I’m not sure about God’s color choice though.

Shouldn’t these bushes be burning in red and green?

I guess you never know about God. He seems to have a mind of His own.

Manzanita bush with sunlight shining through loose bark

Hey person, I think we’re doing it all wrong.

You’ve got to take down all those red and green lights on our house and put up orange ones.


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Where are My Jingle Bells?

Bongo and Toby checking each other outI came across my buddy Toby on my trails today.

But there was something different about him.

Toby smelled the same.

But he sounded different.

I don’t get it.

Dogs might change their smell, but they don’t change their sound.


Toby on the trail

Toby, what’s going on?

Give it to me straight.

You what?

Toby with bells on

You’re wearing jingle bells?

Hey, wait a minute!

How come I don’t have jingle bells?

This is Christmas time. Shouldn’t all dogs be wearing jingle bells this time of year?

Bongo looking jealous of Toby's jingle bells

I’m so jealous Toby.

But wait a minute.

Don’t those jingle bells make it hard to do certain things?

You know, like sneaking up on that cat you live with.

Or stealing treats when no one is watching.

Toby, I’m not sure it’s such a good idea to be wearing those bells.

As a matter of fact…

Bongo looking proud and Toby looking kind of sad

I’m glad I’m not wearing jingle bells.

Just think of all the mischief you’re missing out on Toby.

What, person? What am I doing?

What do you mean, Toby was proud of his jingle bells and now I’m making him feel bad?

I should what!? Apologize?

That word’s not in my vocabulary.

I’m what!?

Oh, alright.

Bongo looking like he's apologizing to Toby

Sorry Toby.

Those really are cool jingle bells.

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Christmas on my Trails

Bongo near some mistletoe on the trailHmmm. It’s starting to smell a lot like Christmas on my trails.

I wonder why that is?

Most people around here decorate their houses, but they don’t do anything special to my trails.

Once I found an Easter egg on my trails on Easter, but I’ve never found anything Christmassy on my trails.

Well, unless you want to count the pine trees, but they grow here all the time.


But something sure seems like Christmas today.

I’m not sure what it is.

Guess I’d better check it out.

There’s something here with green leaves.

It seems to be attached to a bush.

And look! It has little white berries.

Well, they’re not holly berries because holly berries are red.

White berries – what has white berries?

What, person? I should stand under it and pucker my lips?

Why would I want to do that?

Cute girls will come and kiss me?

They will?

This stuff here is mistletoe?

Woo woo!

Bongo's face next to the mistletoe

Hey girls! Come on over.

I’ll be waiting right here!


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Christmas Visitor

Ghost Dog Walking AwayYesterday I was so excited to talk about all the great Christmas presents I got that I forgot one thing. I had one more present that I didn’t mention. It was a visit from a special friend that I haven’t seen in a long time.

And that friends, is no other than Ghost Dog.

I was walking my person along my trails like I always do. Yes, even on Christmas I have to make sure to get my person out for her walk. She might get all cranky if she doesn’t get her exercise.

Anyway, we were walking along my trails when, there he was.

Ghost Dog seemed happy to see me. He started wagging his tail and came over and sniffed noses with me. But then, like he always does, he kept on walking and disappeared.

This time he did something a little different though. As he was walking down the trail Ghost Dog turned and looked back at me, as if he really wanted to stay and play.

Ghost Dog Looking Back

But there must be something about his ghostiness that won’t let him do that. Like a true Ghost Dog he vanishes every time I see him.

Next time I might have to put my Detective Dog hat on and follow him. I bet he won’t be so quick to disappear. Because if he does, I’ll find out where he goes and I’ll get a new hat to wear.

Who you gonna call? Ghost Buster Dog!


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Bongo Ties for Christmas

Bongo with a package of Bongo TiesBoy did I have a good Christmas this year. Look at this! I even got Bongo Ties. Who would have thought someone would make something special just for me. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with these Bongo ties – I think it might have something to do with tying up Scratchy – but that’s a whole other story.

But while I was still pondering (I was what?) what to do with those Bongo ties my person opened another present for me. She says she used to have a dog that opened his own presents, but I figure I’m paying her all those big bucks to be my secretary so she can open my presents too.

And speaking of big bucks…



Bongo chewing an antler

I got an antler! I really needed this because I finished off my last antler awhile back.

I got some other toys too – including a squeaky squirrel.

Bongo with his squirrel and other Christmas toys

Take that, you pesky squeaky squirrel!

Bongo chewing his antler with his leg holding down the squirrel

I really like my antler.


Scratchy must have thought that he didn’t get enough presents…

Scratchy on a pile of used wrapping paper

because I caught him searching through the torn paper for more. (I did get more presents than Scratchy, but don’t tell him.)

And just when I thought all the presents were opened and Christmas was over…

Bongo looking at a tennis ball

a ball showed up. Woo woo!

Bongo with a tennis ball in his mouth

I hope all of you had a great Christmas too.


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Merry Christmas 2012!

Bongo's Christmas Card


Merry Christmas


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