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The Worst Christmas Ever!

Bongo in his dog jail on his new bedI hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I didn’t. I had the worst Christmas ever!

Look at what I got. This thing I’m sitting on.

I got a new bed for my dog jail.

Nothing like sprucing up your jail.

I would rather have had something taken away than something new for my dog jail.

Like maybe the locks on my dog jail door. I could easily do without those.

But that wasn’t all that happened to me on Christmas.

I was tormented by cats besides.


First Scratchy tried to steal all my presents.

Scratchy on the floor with presents

Scratchy, those are my presents!

Then my younger person ignored me because he was reading a book about a cat.

Younger person reading Grumpy Cat book

He’s not even reading about a fun, playful cat. He’s reading about Grumpy Cat.

Fine. I’ll grump on his Christmas.

But to make things even worse I had to stop chewing on my new antler to pose for a picture.

Bongo with his antler between his legs

Well, at least I did get a frog for Christmas.

Bongo looking at a toy frog

A frog and an antler.

Bongo with his frog and his antler

But wait a minute.

Where’s my treats?

Bongo with  a longing look

I thought I was getting treats for Christmas.

Bongo trying to get a treat out of a ball

Do you believe it!?

I have to dig my treats out of this ball.

I hope you all had a better Christmas than I did.


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Get that Shirt

Younger person grabbing Bongo's noseWhat is it about my younger person? I just can’t seem to win with him.

You see what he’s wearing, don’t you?

He’s got a cat on his shirt.

I don’t care if it’s Grumpy Cat – a cat that is even more famous than me.

It’s still a cat. My younger person should not be wearing clothes with cats on them.

It’s sacrilegious, it’s terrible, it’s totally awful.

What? That’s what Grumpy Cat said, “It was awful.”?

This is really bad. Now I’m saying the same things as a cat.

I’ve got to get that cat. I’ve got to tear that cat right off my younger person’s chest.

But you know what my younger person did?

He grabbed my nose and I couldn’t do a thing about it. I couldn’t get anywhere near that cat.

Bongo's nose held tight

I might have to sneak up on my younger person when he’s asleep to get that shirt.

And when I get it, it’s going to disappear. Maybe I could auction it off for treats. Whoever offers me the most treats can have it.

I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if it’s a little chewed up by the time I get it to them.


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