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Half a Walk

Profile of Bongo on the trailSometimes I just can’t figure people out. They just don’t make any sense.

I started taking my person for a walk and we had hardly gotten out on my trails when she said, “We have to go back.”

What gives? We never go on this short of a walk. If she’s in this much of a hurry she just lets me out in the back yard.

My person said something about frozen food she left in the trunk.

I don’t know what she’s worried about. That food will still be in the trunk when we get back from our walk.

And if it stops being frozen and she doesn’t want it any more, I’ll eat it.

That food’s not going to go to waste.

As long as it’s not frozen olives in the trunk, that is. I won’t eat those in any way, shape, or form.

But I’ll eat all the other not frozen food.

So don’t worry person. We can go on our walk, and I’ll take care of the food when we get back home.

Well, my person wouldn’t go for it and we had to go back.

She got all the food out of the trunk and put it away – and then she said since we’d already had part of a walk and she had to be somewhere soon, we could only go on half a walk.

You should have left that food up to me, person.

I was really getting frustrated with my person until we got back from our half a walk.

Not only had she gone to the frozen food store, she’d gotten me something special at the pet store.

Bongo chewing on something

She got me an antler.

Bongo chewing on an antler

I needed one of those.

Maybe we should go on half a walk more often.


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Bongo Ties for Christmas

Bongo with a package of Bongo TiesBoy did I have a good Christmas this year. Look at this! I even got Bongo Ties. Who would have thought someone would make something special just for me. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with these Bongo ties – I think it might have something to do with tying up Scratchy – but that’s a whole other story.

But while I was still pondering (I was what?) what to do with those Bongo ties my person opened another present for me. She says she used to have a dog that opened his own presents, but I figure I’m paying her all those big bucks to be my secretary so she can open my presents too.

And speaking of big bucks…



Bongo chewing an antler

I got an antler! I really needed this because I finished off my last antler awhile back.

I got some other toys too – including a squeaky squirrel.

Bongo with his squirrel and other Christmas toys

Take that, you pesky squeaky squirrel!

Bongo chewing his antler with his leg holding down the squirrel

I really like my antler.


Scratchy must have thought that he didn’t get enough presents…

Scratchy on a pile of used wrapping paper

because I caught him searching through the torn paper for more. (I did get more presents than Scratchy, but don’t tell him.)

And just when I thought all the presents were opened and Christmas was over…

Bongo looking at a tennis ball

a ball showed up. Woo woo!

Bongo with a tennis ball in his mouth

I hope all of you had a great Christmas too.


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Nothing to Say

Bongo Chewing on an AntlerIt sure feels good to be home again. I mean, don’t get me wrong – I had fun playing with all those other dogs – but there’s no place like home. They don’t give you antlers to chew on at the dog hotel.








I went for a quick check of my trails to make sure they’re still there.

Bongo on the Trail

Okay, that’s enough.

Bongo Sleeping

I think I could sleep for days.

Scratchy at the Computer

Bongo, wake up! Wake up Bongo!

I can’t believe this. This is Scratchy here. Bongo took a nap right in the middle of writing his blog post. What a perfect chance. I can write anything I want and Bongo will never know.

It was kind of good to see Bongo walk in the door after being gone for so long. I guess I kind of missed him.

What am I doing? I can say anything I want and I’m telling the whole world that I missed Bongo. This is nuts!

Bongo, wake up! You’ve got to finish your blog post. I have nothing to say.


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Back Home Again

SquirrelAt last! I can take that picture of me behind bars off my blog and get back to my adventures. My person finally sprung me from the dog jail hotel. I don’t know what she was doing, but it sure seemed like she was gone a long time.

Wait! You were doing what, person? What’s that picture on my blog? You left me in the dog hotel and went to hang out with other animals, didn’t you? And of all the animals you could think of, it had to be a pesky squirrel.

Wait a minute. Who else were you hanging out with? I’m gonna check through your pictures. You’d better not hold anything back on me.

What’s this? You were hanging out with —–cats!???

Scratchy, check this out. You were left behind and our person went to hang out with other cats.


Mouse the Hairless Cat

Scratchy, look at this cat. Our person left you for a cat that doesn’t even have any hair.

Now, I get it. That’s why I found so many clumps of your hair around the house when I came home. You were trying to look like this cat so our person would come back home. Scratchy, you may be a little silly – but sometimes you’re alright.

I think we need to get together though and have a talk with our person about hanging out with other animals. Or maybe we should ignore her for awhile.

Hey, wait a minute. What do I smell? Don’t tell me our person was hanging out with even more animals?

A what? You got me a what?

Antler Chew

You got me an antler! Hey person, you can go back to Colorado any time you want. Just make sure to bring me more antlers.

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