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Sleeping Spots

Bongo curled up on the bathroom tileIn the summer when it’s hot one of my favorite places to sleep is in the bathroom.

On the nice, cool tile.








While the cats sleep on the futon.

Scratchy and Gizmo next to each other on the futon

Plotting against me, I’m sure.


But something went wrong.

I’m not sure what happened.

Maybe there was a cat fight or something.

Bongo and Gizmo in the bathroom

Gizmo, could you at least give me my mat back?


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Nothing to Say

Bongo Chewing on an AntlerIt sure feels good to be home again. I mean, don’t get me wrong – I had fun playing with all those other dogs – but there’s no place like home. They don’t give you antlers to chew on at the dog hotel.








I went for a quick check of my trails to make sure they’re still there.

Bongo on the Trail

Okay, that’s enough.

Bongo Sleeping

I think I could sleep for days.

Scratchy at the Computer

Bongo, wake up! Wake up Bongo!

I can’t believe this. This is Scratchy here. Bongo took a nap right in the middle of writing his blog post. What a perfect chance. I can write anything I want and Bongo will never know.

It was kind of good to see Bongo walk in the door after being gone for so long. I guess I kind of missed him.

What am I doing? I can say anything I want and I’m telling the whole world that I missed Bongo. This is nuts!

Bongo, wake up! You’ve got to finish your blog post. I have nothing to say.


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In the Middle of Things

Bongo Sleeping on the Living Room FloorAll summer during the thunderstorms I had one sleeping spot. In the hallway, the farthest place in the house from the storms.

But now that the thunder is over I’m changing my sleeping patterns. No more blocking the hallway for me. I’m tired of getting stumbled on and tripped over.

I’m checking out the living room. Where all the action is. That way if something really good happens at my house I won’t miss it.

Or maybe I’ll try out the nice, cool tiles on the kitchen floor. There’s a lot of food action going on there and I’ll be right in the middle of it.

I know one thing for sure though. When I’m sleeping in the hallway my person gets away with all kinds of things, but now I can catch her at everything. She can’t even get her camera out without me knowing about it.

There’s no way my person is going to get a picture of me asleep.

Bongo looking up as the camera clicks

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