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Sleeping Spots

Bongo curled up on the bathroom tileIn the summer when it’s hot one of my favorite places to sleep is in the bathroom.

On the nice, cool tile.








While the cats sleep on the futon.

Scratchy and Gizmo next to each other on the futon

Plotting against me, I’m sure.


But something went wrong.

I’m not sure what happened.

Maybe there was a cat fight or something.

Bongo and Gizmo in the bathroom

Gizmo, could you at least give me my mat back?


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The Coolest Place

Bongo curled up on the bathroom tileToday is the day.

It’s officially hot now.

And you know what that means?

Time to sleep on the tile.

It’s not quite as cozy as my bed, or the carpet.

But it sure is cooler.

So this is my spot for the summer.


Bongo on the bathroom tile

Hey person, you don’t have to show the whole world that I’m sleeping in the bathroom.


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