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The Coolest Place

Bongo curled up on the bathroom tileToday is the day.

It’s officially hot now.

And you know what that means?

Time to sleep on the tile.

It’s not quite as cozy as my bed, or the carpet.

But it sure is cooler.

So this is my spot for the summer.


Bongo on the bathroom tile

Hey person, you don’t have to show the whole world that I’m sleeping in the bathroom.


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Texting on the Trail

A cell phone and Bongo looking boredDo you see something wrong with this picture? Cause I sure do.

It’s hot out today. Really hot.

So what does my person do?

She dilly dallies on our walk because she’s texting.

Come on, person. I like my walks, but when it’s this hot out I just want to travel the trails and get back home where it’s cool inside.


But my person was really bad today because when she wasn’t texting she was taking pictures of really dumb things.

Fuzzy Caterpillar

Like caterpillars.

I don’t know what this caterpillar is doing in the middle of my trails anyway. Maybe turning itself into a tasty treat.

I’ve never tried fried caterpillars before.

That caterpillar didn’t look done yet, so my person found even more dumb things to take pictures of.

Red Berries


And I don’t think these berries are good for eating – even if they are cooked.

And by this time I’m just dragging.

I’m dying of thirst.

I think I’m going to drop any second now.

Bongo looking too hot

Did I do it?

Did I make you feel sorry enough for me?

I hope so, because somebody’s got to call the animal abuse people and turn my person in.

And while I’m waiting for those animal abuse people to show up I think I’ll go home to my air conditioned house and get a nice cool drink of water.

You can tell those people to look for me and my person there.

I’ll be home in about a minute.


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The Hottest Day

Bongo on the trailToday was the hottest day of the year, so what did my person want to do?

She wanted to go outside and experiment with her new camera.

I don’t know why she couldn’t have waited until maybe October. When the weather’s nice.

So we had to spend extra time out in the heat today while my person fiddled with her camera and figured out how to change the settings.

And she still has her old camera. She could have taken that instead.

It’s really stupid why my person has a new camera.

She was taking me for a walk on my trails and taking pictures (she’s always doing that) and my younger person called so she was trying to take pictures and talk on the phone and she dropped her camera.

I was really excited when my person said her camera wouldn’t work – but what did she do? She ordered another one right away. She said she felt naked without her camera and this new one did more.

Well my younger person got her camera working again so now my person has two cameras. And she had to experiment with the new camera on the hottest day of the year.

Here I am panting away and my person’s taking pictures of…

Juniper Berries

Juniper berries, and…

Sedona Red Rocks

red rocks, and…

flowers gone to seed

dead flowers.

But I’ve decided I really don’t like this camera after she took this picture of me.

Fish bowl picture of Bongo

I hope that camera has a setting for suave and debonair.

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Cooling Down

Bongo laying on kitchen tilesIt’s that time of year again. Starting to get hot out. And I’ve got to find a cooler place to hang out.

That’s why I’m hanging out on the kitchen floor.

I used to spend more time hanging out in the bathroom in the summer – but I’ve changed my spot.

The bathroom’s nice and quiet – well, most of the time it is. But there’s something in the kitchen that never shows up in the bathroom.


So I can stay cool and at the same time be close to the food.

Bongo on the tiles looking innocent


If I can put on my best sweet innocent look, maybe somebody will toss me a treat as they walk by.

It doesn’t usually happen, but more things are spilled in the kitchen than anywhere else. And I’m right there to lick them up.

That is a dog’s job isn’t it? Cleaning the floors?

I really like feeling useful around here.

What, person?

What? I’m in the way?

I’m right in the middle of the kitchen?

Toss me a treat out into the living room and I’ll leave.

Oh wait a minute. The living room doesn’t have cool tiles to lie on.

I’ve got it!

Bongo smiling while on the tiles


Just turn the air conditioning way down low and I won’t need the cool tiles. I’ll stay out of your way.

You want me to what? Go to work to pay the air conditioning bill?

Okay fine. Throw some treats down on the floor and I’ll clean them up.

That’s what I do for a living.


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