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Yard Invasion

Large green caterpillarThere has been an invasion.

In my yard.

And not just one, but two somebodies have invaded my yard.

My person was pulling weeds out in the yard.

No, my person wasn’t the one invading the yard.

But the weeds were.

Oh, that makes at least three somebodies.



My person pulled up a weed, and there it was.

Large green caterpillar with intricate patterns

A big old green caterpillar.

Invading my yard!

And I know there was someone else because – just look at that caterpillar.

An artist was in my yard too.

Painting on that caterpillar.

A pretty good artist at that.

But the artist disappeared before my person exposed that caterpillar.

Otherwise I could have caught two culprits at once.

So I did then next best thing.

Bongo with his tongue out and curled up

I ate the caterpillar.

Note: No caterpillars or Bongo’s were harmed in the making of this blog post.


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Texting on the Trail

A cell phone and Bongo looking boredDo you see something wrong with this picture? Cause I sure do.

It’s hot out today. Really hot.

So what does my person do?

She dilly dallies on our walk because she’s texting.

Come on, person. I like my walks, but when it’s this hot out I just want to travel the trails and get back home where it’s cool inside.


But my person was really bad today because when she wasn’t texting she was taking pictures of really dumb things.

Fuzzy Caterpillar

Like caterpillars.

I don’t know what this caterpillar is doing in the middle of my trails anyway. Maybe turning itself into a tasty treat.

I’ve never tried fried caterpillars before.

That caterpillar didn’t look done yet, so my person found even more dumb things to take pictures of.

Red Berries


And I don’t think these berries are good for eating – even if they are cooked.

And by this time I’m just dragging.

I’m dying of thirst.

I think I’m going to drop any second now.

Bongo looking too hot

Did I do it?

Did I make you feel sorry enough for me?

I hope so, because somebody’s got to call the animal abuse people and turn my person in.

And while I’m waiting for those animal abuse people to show up I think I’ll go home to my air conditioned house and get a nice cool drink of water.

You can tell those people to look for me and my person there.

I’ll be home in about a minute.


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Fuzzy Caterpillars and Beans

Bongo Behind Bars

I’m stuck at the dog hotel and I take no responsibility for what’s posted here.

Awhile back – well I guess it was a long way back – sometime last spring, I was walking along my trails minding my own business and I saw the strangest thing. Fuzzy caterpillars hung all over a mesquite tree.






Mesquite tree in bloom

Mesquite Blossoms

I looked around to see if those fuzzy caterpillars were hanging out on any of the other trees. Nothing. I guess they liked the taste of the mesquite tree.

Then I got worried. What if those fuzzy caterpillars liked me better than that tree? What if they jumped on top of me when I walked under them? I might have caterpillars crawling all over me right now.

I shook myself off and went on my way – far away from that tree. I didn’t see any caterpillars fall to the ground. I hope they weren’t clinging on tight.

I finished my walk and forgot about those caterpillars. I never did find any on me.

Then one day I was walking by that tree again. I didn’t see any caterpillars so I figured I was safe getting close.

Hey person, I thought you said this was a mesquite tree. It’s not that at all.

Mesquite tree with seed pods

Mesquite seed pods

It’s a bean tree.


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