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Yard Invasion

Large green caterpillarThere has been an invasion.

In my yard.

And not just one, but two somebodies have invaded my yard.

My person was pulling weeds out in the yard.

No, my person wasn’t the one invading the yard.

But the weeds were.

Oh, that makes at least three somebodies.



My person pulled up a weed, and there it was.

Large green caterpillar with intricate patterns

A big old green caterpillar.

Invading my yard!

And I know there was someone else because – just look at that caterpillar.

An artist was in my yard too.

Painting on that caterpillar.

A pretty good artist at that.

But the artist disappeared before my person exposed that caterpillar.

Otherwise I could have caught two culprits at once.

So I did then next best thing.

Bongo with his tongue out and curled up

I ate the caterpillar.

Note: No caterpillars or Bongo’s were harmed in the making of this blog post.


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Kitchen Invasion

Bongo with extra objects in the roomI didn’t notice it at first.

I thought everything was okay.

But then, when I saw this picture of me I found something extra in it.

Something that’s not supposed to be there.

And it for sure isn’t me.

And it isn’t my ball either.

This is serious.


Something’s invaded my kitchen!

I thought maybe I’d better look around, you know, get on my Detective Dog hat and investigate.

But my person wanted to take another picture.

Bongo with small black things behind and beside him


Do you see them?

There are more of whatever those things are invading my kitchen.

What if they eat all the crumbs that fall on the floor?

Those are my crumbs!

It’s my job to eat them.

Bongo looking like he wants the small black thing removed

Person, you’d better do something about these little black things all over my kitchen.

Get them out of here!

This is a serious invasion, and besides them eating all my crumbs on the floor I think I’m going to have nightmares about them taking over.

A bunch of google-eyed spiders

They’re everywhere!


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