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Kitchen Invasion

Bongo with extra objects in the roomI didn’t notice it at first.

I thought everything was okay.

But then, when I saw this picture of me I found something extra in it.

Something that’s not supposed to be there.

And it for sure isn’t me.

And it isn’t my ball either.

This is serious.


Something’s invaded my kitchen!

I thought maybe I’d better look around, you know, get on my Detective Dog hat and investigate.

But my person wanted to take another picture.

Bongo with small black things behind and beside him


Do you see them?

There are more of whatever those things are invading my kitchen.

What if they eat all the crumbs that fall on the floor?

Those are my crumbs!

It’s my job to eat them.

Bongo looking like he wants the small black thing removed

Person, you’d better do something about these little black things all over my kitchen.

Get them out of here!

This is a serious invasion, and besides them eating all my crumbs on the floor I think I’m going to have nightmares about them taking over.

A bunch of google-eyed spiders

They’re everywhere!


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Cooling Down

Bongo laying on kitchen tilesIt’s that time of year again. Starting to get hot out. And I’ve got to find a cooler place to hang out.

That’s why I’m hanging out on the kitchen floor.

I used to spend more time hanging out in the bathroom in the summer – but I’ve changed my spot.

The bathroom’s nice and quiet – well, most of the time it is. But there’s something in the kitchen that never shows up in the bathroom.


So I can stay cool and at the same time be close to the food.

Bongo on the tiles looking innocent


If I can put on my best sweet innocent look, maybe somebody will toss me a treat as they walk by.

It doesn’t usually happen, but more things are spilled in the kitchen than anywhere else. And I’m right there to lick them up.

That is a dog’s job isn’t it? Cleaning the floors?

I really like feeling useful around here.

What, person?

What? I’m in the way?

I’m right in the middle of the kitchen?

Toss me a treat out into the living room and I’ll leave.

Oh wait a minute. The living room doesn’t have cool tiles to lie on.

I’ve got it!

Bongo smiling while on the tiles


Just turn the air conditioning way down low and I won’t need the cool tiles. I’ll stay out of your way.

You want me to what? Go to work to pay the air conditioning bill?

Okay fine. Throw some treats down on the floor and I’ll clean them up.

That’s what I do for a living.


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