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Cooling Down

Bongo laying on kitchen tilesIt’s that time of year again. Starting to get hot out. And I’ve got to find a cooler place to hang out.

That’s why I’m hanging out on the kitchen floor.

I used to spend more time hanging out in the bathroom in the summer – but I’ve changed my spot.

The bathroom’s nice and quiet – well, most of the time it is. But there’s something in the kitchen that never shows up in the bathroom.


So I can stay cool and at the same time be close to the food.

Bongo on the tiles looking innocent


If I can put on my best sweet innocent look, maybe somebody will toss me a treat as they walk by.

It doesn’t usually happen, but more things are spilled in the kitchen than anywhere else. And I’m right there to lick them up.

That is a dog’s job isn’t it? Cleaning the floors?

I really like feeling useful around here.

What, person?

What? I’m in the way?

I’m right in the middle of the kitchen?

Toss me a treat out into the living room and I’ll leave.

Oh wait a minute. The living room doesn’t have cool tiles to lie on.

I’ve got it!

Bongo smiling while on the tiles


Just turn the air conditioning way down low and I won’t need the cool tiles. I’ll stay out of your way.

You want me to what? Go to work to pay the air conditioning bill?

Okay fine. Throw some treats down on the floor and I’ll clean them up.

That’s what I do for a living.


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Scratchy, Get Down!

Scratchy in the BathroomHey person! Scratchy’s hiding in the bathroom!

I’d get him down for you but I can’t jump that high.

Come on, get him down person. You know what he’s going to do. He thinks we don’t know what he’s up to. As soon as he thinks nobody’s looking he’s going to jump down on the counter and get the frog.

Person, you shouldn’t have left the bathroom door open. It kind of defeats the purpose of leaving the frog in there so Scratchy can’t get him.

Scratchy, get down. I know what you’re up to. You’d better come down because I’m going to chase you as soon as you leave the bathroom.

Wait a minute. Maybe I should let Scratchy get that frog. If he gets the frog out of his container that frog would go hopping all over the house. What fun, pouncing on a hopping frog.

Never mind person, I think Scratchy’s under your bed.

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Summer Sleeping Spot

Summer Sleeping SpotIn the summer, when it’s hot, my favorite place to sleep is the bathroom floor. It has nice, cool tiles and they feel good. I don’t usually sleep right on the tiles. My person has a bath mat on the floor and I usually sleep on that. It’s still much cooler than the carpet in the rest of the house and it’s kind of like my own little secluded place.

At least most of the time it’s my own little place. Sometimes my person comes in there. And sometimes she wants to use that toilet thing that happens to be right next to where I’m laying. Well, good luck to her. I’m not moving out of her way. If she wants to get in here she’s going to have to squeeze. Sometimes she tries to push me out of the way, but I pretend I don’t know what she wants and stay right where I am. Seems like she’d just give up and go away, but she doesn’t. Maybe one day she’ll get the idea that I’m not budging and give up on using that toilet thing.


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