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Kitchen Invasion

Bongo with extra objects in the roomI didn’t notice it at first.

I thought everything was okay.

But then, when I saw this picture of me I found something extra in it.

Something that’s not supposed to be there.

And it for sure isn’t me.

And it isn’t my ball either.

This is serious.


Something’s invaded my kitchen!

I thought maybe I’d better look around, you know, get on my Detective Dog hat and investigate.

But my person wanted to take another picture.

Bongo with small black things behind and beside him


Do you see them?

There are more of whatever those things are invading my kitchen.

What if they eat all the crumbs that fall on the floor?

Those are my crumbs!

It’s my job to eat them.

Bongo looking like he wants the small black thing removed

Person, you’d better do something about these little black things all over my kitchen.

Get them out of here!

This is a serious invasion, and besides them eating all my crumbs on the floor I think I’m going to have nightmares about them taking over.

A bunch of google-eyed spiders

They’re everywhere!


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Moping Vehicle

Bongo next to the 4RunnerWe have a serious problem around here. Our 4Runner has been moping around in the driveway for a long time. The 4Runner that takes me down the bumpy roads to the swimming hole. I miss my swimming hole. I want to go back.

My person says she won’t take her little car down those bumpy roads, so I’ve got to figure out a way to get that 4Runner moving again.

I wonder if it’s depressed. Maybe I can cheer it up.

Hey 4Runner, want to play a game of catch? Or maybe I could give you some treats. Ooh – that would be really hard sharing my treats with anyone – but for swimming I guess I could sacrifice a few.

I don’t believe it! That 4Runner’s not going to go for either of those things. I’ll have to figure out something else.

Maybe I could get one of those pesky squirrels to come down and tickle its belly. That ought to get it going. There’s a problem though. I can’t seem to get those pesky squirrels to come down out of those trees.

Maybe the javelina could give it a push when they’re doing things like pushing over garbage cans. I guess I’ll have to stay up all night so I can catch them when they come. That might be hard.

Hey, wait a minute! I found the problem. No wonder the 4Runner isn’t going anywhere.

Spiders have tied it down.

Spider webs attached to the 4Runner and ground

Does anybody have any silk cutters?

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