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Christmas on my Trails

Bongo near some mistletoe on the trailHmmm. It’s starting to smell a lot like Christmas on my trails.

I wonder why that is?

Most people around here decorate their houses, but they don’t do anything special to my trails.

Once I found an Easter egg on my trails on Easter, but I’ve never found anything Christmassy on my trails.

Well, unless you want to count the pine trees, but they grow here all the time.


But something sure seems like Christmas today.

I’m not sure what it is.

Guess I’d better check it out.

There’s something here with green leaves.

It seems to be attached to a bush.

And look! It has little white berries.

Well, they’re not holly berries because holly berries are red.

White berries – what has white berries?

What, person? I should stand under it and pucker my lips?

Why would I want to do that?

Cute girls will come and kiss me?

They will?

This stuff here is mistletoe?

Woo woo!

Bongo's face next to the mistletoe

Hey girls! Come on over.

I’ll be waiting right here!


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Berry Conspiracy

Bongo near a pile of juniper berriesHmmm.

I think I’ve got another mystery on my paws.

Something strange is happening around here.

You see these berries by my feet?

These are juniper berries – and they’re gathering in clumps all over the place.

There might be some kind of conspiracy going on.

I wonder if any of them are hiding in this grass.

Bongo stepping on a pile of juniper berries and sniffing the nearby grass

I don’t see any here.

This is strange. This is really strange.

This means they’re not even afraid.

They’re all out in the open where everybody can see them.

What are they up to?

I think I’d better go home and get my Detective Dog hat.

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

Much better.

Now to get to work.

Pile of juniper berries on the ground

One of these berries has got to be willing to spill the beans – I mean the berries – I mean…


Which one will it be?

I think I know.

That one with the funny face over there.

Alright Funny Face. What do you know?

Give it to me loud and clear.

Juniper berry with a funny face and hat


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Berry Load

Bongo with his nose deep in bushesI’ve got to investigate these Manzanita bushes to see what they’re up to this year.

You see, earlier this year they had lots of blossoms. More than I remember seeing on these bushes.





Manzanita bush in bloom

But then all those blossoms did something really strange. They turned into little apples all over the bushes.

Manzanita bush full of berries

I’ve never seen these bushes so covered before. You’d think my trails were one giant apple berry.

I’m going to have to figure out what to do with all these berries.

I wonder if they make good toys. Maybe I could play catch with them.

But once my person tosses them to me and I catch them – what if they don’t taste good. That could be a disaster.

Scratchy likes little roly things. Maybe I could take some of them home and roll them on the floor for him. That would probably occupy him for a whole minute or so. Then he’d probably want me to roll them around for him some more.

No, I guess that’s not a good idea either.

I wonder if my person could make something out of these berries? Are they edible?

They are?

If they’re edible there must be recipes for them. Get online person, and find some.

They don’t taste very good? What does that matter? If they’re edible you’ve got to eat them.

Not me. I don’t have to eat them. Berries aren’t dog food.

Okay, here it is. My person found the instructions for making Manzanita Cider.

Okay person, get busy and make that cider. The days are starting to get warm. You can put ice in the cider to cool off. I’ll just take the plain ice cubes.

What do you mean, you’re not going to make that cider yet?

You’re going to wait until those berries ripen?

You mean – oh no. That means I have to do another berry post later this summer. A sitting out and drinking cider kind of post.

Somehow I think my person tricked me into that one.

Scratchy, here’s some berries. Why don’t you roll them around on the floor for awhile.

Manzanita Berries


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Berry Boring

Bongo with a ball between his pawsToday was a very boring day. My person left for a little while this morning – oh yeah, I did get to mess up her bed while she was gone. But when my person came back home she was already worn out from that bug thing and didn’t want to do anything else all day.

This is terrible! What am I going to do? I’m running out of adventures to post on my blog.

I know. It’s so berry boring that I’m just going to post pictures of berries that I’ve found on my trails. They’re pretty boring. You can’t eat them or anything. I don’t even know what most of them are called and I don’t know if they’re all really berries – but you can look at them anyway.




Juniper berries on the tree

These juniper berries were really in my backyard, but they’re all over my trails too at the right time of year.

Dark Purple Berries

These berries look kind of like blueberries, but I bet they don’t taste the same.

Little pink clumps amongst the leaves

I don’t think these things are really berries, but they’re colorful.

Red berries

These berries only showed up one year so far, even though the bush is still there.

Big berries

These things are just big. Only a few of these grow in a whole lot of bushes.

Long red berry like things

I only saw these red ones in one little spot even though there are a lot of this kind of bushes.

round ball from a bush

We found this one on the ground. I think it’s a bomb berry.


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