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Manzanita Ice Cream

Home made ice creamThe other day I took my person out picking Manzanita berries and when we came back home she made some Manzanita cider out of them.

Well, my person decided to experiment some more. She decided to put some of that Manzanita juice into ice cream. So today she made ice cream.

I think ice cream might be one of my new favorite foods. Besides fish and meaty bones and cookies, that is.

My person found a recipe for honey vanilla ice cream and put Manzanita juice and sugar in instead of the honey.

And it tasted great!

Bongo eating ice cream from a spoon

But boy was it cold! Is that what they call brain freeze?

I couldn’t eat it all at once, so I dropped some on the floor and ate it in little bits.

Bongo getting dropped ice cream from the floor

I was expecting a few extra flavors to blend in from the floor. But my person just mopped it so all I got was ice cream.

And the Manzanita flavor was missing.

I think my person forgot to put it in because all I could taste was French vanilla. No Manzanita flavor at all.

Or maybe the French vanilla flavors took over the Manzanita flavor – kind of like when floor flavors take over what I think I’m licking up.

But that’s okay. I don’t mind.

French vanilla is good.

Bongo's nose

Can I have some more please?


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Bored with Berries

Manzanita BerriesLast year the prickly pear cactus on my trails had lots of fruit and my person decided to get brave and pick some and make things that were good to eat.

This year the prickly pear only had a few puny flowers so I don’t think there’s going to be much fruit.





But the Manzanita bushes are loaded with berries.

Manzanita bush with berries

And my person decided she was going to experiment with those this year.

Manzanita berries in a hand

Of course she didn’t ask me first. Most of those berries are really little and it took a long time to pick enough to do anything with.

Bongo among the bushes

Hey person, all the best berries are in here.

I tried to help, but my person told me to sit and be quiet.

Bowl of berries and a bug

We picked up a hitchhiker while my person was picking.

Finally my person was ready to head home.

I got accused of getting her backpack wet.

I’m always getting blamed for things and this time I couldn’t even put the blame on Scratchy.

It turned out my person had a leaky water bottle.

Whew! Off the hook that time.

Berries soaking in a bowl

When we got home I still had to sit and be quiet. My person wasn’t finished with those berries.

Manzanita cider in a Mason jar

Finally, the finished product.

I may have gotten off the hook for getting my person’s backpack wet, but I sure hope I don’t get accused of watering the inside of that jar.


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Berry Load

Bongo with his nose deep in bushesI’ve got to investigate these Manzanita bushes to see what they’re up to this year.

You see, earlier this year they had lots of blossoms. More than I remember seeing on these bushes.





Manzanita bush in bloom

But then all those blossoms did something really strange. They turned into little apples all over the bushes.

Manzanita bush full of berries

I’ve never seen these bushes so covered before. You’d think my trails were one giant apple berry.

I’m going to have to figure out what to do with all these berries.

I wonder if they make good toys. Maybe I could play catch with them.

But once my person tosses them to me and I catch them – what if they don’t taste good. That could be a disaster.

Scratchy likes little roly things. Maybe I could take some of them home and roll them on the floor for him. That would probably occupy him for a whole minute or so. Then he’d probably want me to roll them around for him some more.

No, I guess that’s not a good idea either.

I wonder if my person could make something out of these berries? Are they edible?

They are?

If they’re edible there must be recipes for them. Get online person, and find some.

They don’t taste very good? What does that matter? If they’re edible you’ve got to eat them.

Not me. I don’t have to eat them. Berries aren’t dog food.

Okay, here it is. My person found the instructions for making Manzanita Cider.

Okay person, get busy and make that cider. The days are starting to get warm. You can put ice in the cider to cool off. I’ll just take the plain ice cubes.

What do you mean, you’re not going to make that cider yet?

You’re going to wait until those berries ripen?

You mean – oh no. That means I have to do another berry post later this summer. A sitting out and drinking cider kind of post.

Somehow I think my person tricked me into that one.

Scratchy, here’s some berries. Why don’t you roll them around on the floor for awhile.

Manzanita Berries


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