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Rock Fruit

Red rocks in a treeThis is strange.

I’ve never seen rock fruit before.

I thought these trees just grew little berries.

But how else could these rocks have gotten here?

Maybe a really big storm could blow rocks into trees.

But we haven’t had any storms like that lately.

I guess I should investigate.


Time for my Detective Dog hat.

Bongo with Detective Dog hat covering his eyes

My first investigation will be how to reach those rocks so I can check them out.

I’ve got to see if they’re really some kind of fruit that looks like rocks – or if they’re really just rocks like they look like.

Maybe I can find a big rock to stand on – or some branches.

Oh, wait. This is too hard.

Do I really care what those rocks are doing?

I think I’ll do something else instead.

I’m going to give you something to investigate.

So here it is.

Here’s your investigation.

Rocks in a tree and Bongo hidden in the picture

Find me in this picture.

Where’s Bongo?


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New Fruit

Bongo in profileI found an answer. And I didn’t even know there was a mystery.

I guess my person thought there was a mystery, but I wasn’t paying any attention.

So I didn’t even need my Detective Dog hat to find the answer.

Maybe my person should get a Detective Dog Person hat.

Here’s what happened.

Near my house, on the way to my trails, are some pine trees.

A few years ago my person noticed some blossoms peeking out from between the pines.

Pine trees don’t have blossoms and my person thought this looked pretty cool. She even made me stop while she took pictures of them.

White blossoms and pines

Every year there were a few more blossoms peeking out, and the branches they were on grew leaves.

Blossoms and Pines

But that was as far as it went. The only mystery I could find was why my person stopped and took pictures every year.

But this year something else happened.

The tree grew fruit.

Fruit growing on a tree

Green fuzzy fruit.

But we didn’t get rain and the fruit didn’t get any bigger.

I didn’t think I’d ever find out what that fruit was.

It seemed to be a new kind of fruit that I’d never heard of before.

Green, puny fruit.

But I walked by that fruit one more time and something had changed.

Almonds growing on a tree

Now that tree had green, puny, split fruit.

My person said she knew what this fruit was and she never even got her Detective Person hat.

Oh nuts. It’s not fruit at all.

It’s an almond tree.


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Fallen Fruit

Bongo sniffing green fruit on the groundI hadn’t even made it to my trails today when I discovered something mysterious.

Strange green things on the ground. What are they? Where did they come from?

I’m still close to home. I think I’d better go back and get my Detective Dog hat.

What do you mean person, we’re not going back? I’ve got a mystery to solve here. I’ve got to be dressed in the proper attire.

Lots of green fruit on the ground

Oh my. This mystery just got deeper. The ground is full of these strange green things.

How did they get here anyway?

Maybe a flock of birds dropped them as they were flying by. Bird bombs. I wonder if anyone got hit by them.

Bongo and fruit on the ground

Now I’ve got another mystery. Person, I really need to get my Detective Dog hat. The mysteries are piling up. Did these green things hit anyone, or not? I can’t possibly solve everything without my hat.

Look up? Where? Why? Are the birds about to drop more of these things?

Tree with green fruit

Would you look at that? There are green things in that tree that look just like the ones on the ground.

Now I’ve got more mysteries. How did those green things get into that tree and why are they staying there?

I don’t care what my person says. I’m heading back for my hat.

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

Okay, I’m ready. Now to look for some clues.

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Berry Boring

Bongo with a ball between his pawsToday was a very boring day. My person left for a little while this morning – oh yeah, I did get to mess up her bed while she was gone. But when my person came back home she was already worn out from that bug thing and didn’t want to do anything else all day.

This is terrible! What am I going to do? I’m running out of adventures to post on my blog.

I know. It’s so berry boring that I’m just going to post pictures of berries that I’ve found on my trails. They’re pretty boring. You can’t eat them or anything. I don’t even know what most of them are called and I don’t know if they’re all really berries – but you can look at them anyway.




Juniper berries on the tree

These juniper berries were really in my backyard, but they’re all over my trails too at the right time of year.

Dark Purple Berries

These berries look kind of like blueberries, but I bet they don’t taste the same.

Little pink clumps amongst the leaves

I don’t think these things are really berries, but they’re colorful.

Red berries

These berries only showed up one year so far, even though the bush is still there.

Big berries

These things are just big. Only a few of these grow in a whole lot of bushes.

Long red berry like things

I only saw these red ones in one little spot even though there are a lot of this kind of bushes.

round ball from a bush

We found this one on the ground. I think it’s a bomb berry.


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