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Fallen Fruit

Bongo sniffing green fruit on the groundI hadn’t even made it to my trails today when I discovered something mysterious.

Strange green things on the ground. What are they? Where did they come from?

I’m still close to home. I think I’d better go back and get my Detective Dog hat.

What do you mean person, we’re not going back? I’ve got a mystery to solve here. I’ve got to be dressed in the proper attire.

Lots of green fruit on the ground

Oh my. This mystery just got deeper. The ground is full of these strange green things.

How did they get here anyway?

Maybe a flock of birds dropped them as they were flying by. Bird bombs. I wonder if anyone got hit by them.

Bongo and fruit on the ground

Now I’ve got another mystery. Person, I really need to get my Detective Dog hat. The mysteries are piling up. Did these green things hit anyone, or not? I can’t possibly solve everything without my hat.

Look up? Where? Why? Are the birds about to drop more of these things?

Tree with green fruit

Would you look at that? There are green things in that tree that look just like the ones on the ground.

Now I’ve got more mysteries. How did those green things get into that tree and why are they staying there?

I don’t care what my person says. I’m heading back for my hat.

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

Okay, I’m ready. Now to look for some clues.

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Click here for more great pet blogs.


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