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Christmas on my Trails

Bongo near some mistletoe on the trailHmmm. It’s starting to smell a lot like Christmas on my trails.

I wonder why that is?

Most people around here decorate their houses, but they don’t do anything special to my trails.

Once I found an Easter egg on my trails on Easter, but I’ve never found anything Christmassy on my trails.

Well, unless you want to count the pine trees, but they grow here all the time.


But something sure seems like Christmas today.

I’m not sure what it is.

Guess I’d better check it out.

There’s something here with green leaves.

It seems to be attached to a bush.

And look! It has little white berries.

Well, they’re not holly berries because holly berries are red.

White berries – what has white berries?

What, person? I should stand under it and pucker my lips?

Why would I want to do that?

Cute girls will come and kiss me?

They will?

This stuff here is mistletoe?

Woo woo!

Bongo's face next to the mistletoe

Hey girls! Come on over.

I’ll be waiting right here!


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Mistletoe in a bushChristmas is less than a month away and I’ve got to make some plans. And I’ve noticed now that some of the leaves are falling off the bushes there’s something showing up. Something that goes really well at Christmas time, and I’m going to take advantage of it.


I think it’s been here for awhile, but that was nice of those bushes to stop covering it up so I’d notice it.

Okay person, what is it you do with mistletoe at Christmas?

Kiss the girls? They have to kiss you if you catch them under the mistletoe?

Woo woo! Check this out.

Bongo Sniffing Mistletoe

Come on girls. Over to the mistletoe. I’m waiting for my kisses.

What, person? I have to catch them under the mistletoe?

How am I going to get under this mistletoe? I mean, look at it. It’s practically on the ground.

And I for sure wouldn’t be able to get a girl under it.

What to do? What to do?

Mistletoe in a Juniper Tree

Do you think the girls will notice that mistletoe up in the tree?

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